How I Met Your Dad fans are shocked by Neil Patrick Harris Cameo

How did you meet your father? Fans were shocked to see Neil Patrick Harris roll at the end of the final episode. That’s right, Barney Stinson is back in the picture for just a second. Hilary Duff’s character is at an all-time low, or so you think. Her future self pulls viewers from the present moment into the future where she is on the phone with her mother spreading some shocking news. Then, Duff gets into a car accident, and who else gets out of the car but old Barney himself. He still looks great and he might be wondering how he was going to fix his car.

Now, the show has resisted a lot of fan calls for such moments in the first season. But, in a conversation with TVLine, the series co-creator talked about finding his voice when compared to the other show. “It takes time, especially in a multi-camera show, to get to know the characters, the group of friends and the vibe, and we wanted to make sure we had How I Met Your Father room to stand on its own two feet before we started to bring in larger pieces of the vast How I Met Your Mother universe,” said the author. Contributor Isaac Aptaker. “Toward the end of this season we felt it was the right time to dip our toes in the water and bring back some of those beloved characters.”

Are you surprised? Check out some of the hilarious reactions below!

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