Riot Games says that recent cyberattacks may see an increase in cheating

The source codes for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics have been obtained illegally.

Riot Games confirmed in a series of new tweets that a recent cyberattack allowed hackers to get their hands on source codes for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and the legacy anti-cheat platform. The company’s official Twitter account adds that the developers expect an increase in cheating across multiple addresses due to the attack.

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Earlier this week, Riot disclosed the hit and said that its systems in the development environment were targeted by a social engineering attack. After the first analysis, the gaming giant said that the attack would affect patch schedules, and the highly anticipated 13.2 update for League of Legends would be delayed along with another Teamfight Tactics update.


However, these minor delays don’t appear to be the only results of the cyber attack as the company believes that source code theft will have greater repercussions. “Truthfully, any exposure of the source code can increase the likelihood of new cheats appearing,” reads the tweet. In order to prepare for such issues, Riot is currently working on overhauling its anti-cheat system to analyze the effects of the attack on it, and equipping itself to provide quick solutions across its titles when needed.

The League of Legends developer also added that the strike disrupted their build environment, and could cause problems in the coming weeks. While they work hard to prepare anti-cheat for potential threats and new issues, the company reiterates that attackers were unable to get their hands on player data and personal information.

On the other hand, the group behind the attack succeeded in obtaining the source code of several experimental features, such as unreleased game modes and various changes that are still under development. Riot says most of the content is far from final, and there is “no guarantee” that it will be applied to titles in the future.

The gaming giant is currently working hard to assess the additional effects of the latest strike. The company has also engaged law enforcement along with security consultants to analyze the incident on a larger scale. While emphasizing its commitment to transparency, Riot is now working to create a full attack report in the coming days to focus on the hackers’ methods and vulnerabilities in the company’s secure systems.

A group of hackers illegally obtaining a game’s source code means that they can exploit every vulnerability and go on to attack the game developer in a myriad of ways. This means that Riot Games could still be affected significantly, if the source code of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics is kept by attackers.

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