This gorgeous LG 4K OLED gaming monitor is $600 at Amazon right now

LG is taking action The best gaming monitors With the LG Ultragear 48GQ900-B OLED. OLED technology isn’t cheap, but this screen just got a huge price cut.

the LG 48GQ900-B 48-inch Ultragear OLED for $896 at Amazon (Opens in a new tab) Immediately. After $600 off, this monitor is just above the Black Friday price of $850. Stock is low, so make this deal as often as possible.

Although we haven’t reviewed this monitor, we know firsthand that LG makes one The best gaming TVs. This screen is basically on par with LG C2 OLED On paper, but with more subtle features that make it better for PC gamers.

The OLED screen on the 48GQ900-B makes it look great, and it’s available at a cheaper price than other OLED screens like Alienware AW5520QF. The screen is also said to be anti-glare and low-reflective, so you’ll be able to enjoy great visuals even if you’re gaming in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

The response rate on this panel is 120Hz, which while not the highest we’ve seen should provide smooth-looking visuals for most titles.

Still not impressed? The LG 48GQ900-B features a contrast ratio of 1.5M:1 – or 1.5 million shades of color between pure black and pure white. And HDR 10 support means you’ll see every shade the way the game developers intended.

If you choose to get the screen at Best Buy (Opens in a new tab), you will get some free gifts for your problem. They offer a 6-month subscription to Trend Micro security and a 3-month subscription to YouTube Premium with the LG 48GQ900-B.

Looking for more savings? Stay tuned for our Super Bowl TV deals roundup.

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