All lucky dice in shallow war teeth

What is the one thing every gamer looks for when playing first person shooters? Loot as much as possible. The rarer it is, the better. Starting with a sub-series of the Borderlands series, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland can be a little frustrating because you have a small chance of finding legendary loot. Fortunately, there are ways to do this Increase your luck with loot and one of these ways is to collect 260 Lucky Dice Scattered all over the different maps.

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There are 21 dice alone in the War Tooth area that are hard to find yet. By the end of this article, you will be continuing your verdict for being one of the best bunker hunters. The menu will deviate slightly from order by game as this will hopefully be easier and prevent you from zigzagging all over the map.

Next to a safe in a valley

The first die is close to the entrance to this area. You may fall into this little valley by accident or while exploring the area. The dice are located next to a small safe on top of a chest with an old pirate ship wheel leaning on the chest.

Broken platform overlooking the castle

A character in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands finds a golden dice above a castle with a rainbow.

Looking at the map, if you walk straight to the left of the map, past the horseshoe-shaped river and into the next small area that looks like a riverbed, you will find Lucky Dice #2. In this area, you have to fight your way through crabs until you reach some broken platforms.

Looking to the northwest, you should see the castle with a rainbow behind it in the distance In addition to the plank you can walk. After this plank, you can see the platform on which you have to jump to retrieve the dice.

Wet Cave

A lucky die found by a character playing Tiny Tina's Wonderlands on the second floor of the coral plant.

When you open the map again, it will initially head up a bit and then left until you can move down again. You will find a cave with the third die On top of a mushroom plant.

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fake wall

A character lights a cannon in Tiny Tina's Wonderland to shoot an imaginary wall and find the lucky golden dice.

If you head straight to the map, you’ll see a cannon at the very end. You have to climb into it and shoot the barrel at the back of the cannon. This will ignite the cannon and fire a projectile through a A fake wall reveals the fourth die, plus a weapon case.

cave entrance

A lucky die in Tiny Tina's wonderland located at the beginning of a cave for the player to search for.

Travel straight to the top of the map, there it will be Dice resting at the entrance to the cave.

Multilayer dice

The character finds a lucky die located on the second level of a layered part of the map in War Age.

Heading up, you’ll travel on what appears to be an island. If you rotate your map view, you will notice that there are layers for this island, and you will go to the middle layer. This dice You have to climb a little bit to get to the next layer where these dice are hiding.

Shoot the anchor

A character dropping an anchor hits a wooden pallet on the floor revealing a hidden room with lucky dice.

This dice is hidden under an unnoticeable false floor directly under the anchor. With Borderlands’ unique art style, it’s sometimes hard to tell which parts of the environment have hidden meanings.

Once the chain is shot, the anchor will drop, breaking this floor and revealing a small storage space. The dice will be right in front of the cannonballs.

behind the box

The character finds a golden lucky dice hidden behind some chests in War Age.

If you go to the square-shaped top platform on the map, it will appear to have a square hole in the middle. The dice will be hidden on the porch of a house behind stacked boxes.

Broken wall beam

Lucky dice located on a broken beam next to a cannon and a broken wooden wall.

Then, you will head down and to your left on the map. There will be a wall with broken boards and a cannon at its base. On one of the beams above the cannon there will be another die.

balance law

One Lucky Dice in the Wargtooth area of ​​Tiny Tina's Wonderlands sits on a wooden beam above the purple liquid.

Keep moving down, and you will find the next die located near the orange, teal, and purple flag that appears on the map. dice will be Just inside the cave a beam balanced neatly above a pool of purple liquid. Be careful not to fall into it.

Hidden in plain sight

The character finds a lucky die hidden in plain sight near a small safe and in front of a clearing.

Once you look at the map again, you should head to your right and then straight up to find the next golden die. This is simply a short platform next to some coral reefs. Some of the best surprises are hidden in plain sight.

Oran side mission area

The Golden Lucky Dice is discovered in a side quest area in Oran in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wargtooth map.

If you go back the way you came back, past the balancing dice, to the left and up, you will find the number 12. There will be many side quests throughout this game and some of the side quests will help you access other quests you are involved in. searching for.

You must talk to Oran and accept his side quest to get to the area where you will retrieve the next die. You do not have to fully complete this side mission in order to gain This dice, which is located on one of the walls of the tomb, between two columns.

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The back of the side mission area in Oran

The lucky golden dice is discovered in the side quest area of ​​Oran and the player must jump to 3 different platforms to reach it in Tiny Tina's wonderland.

If you count directly from number 12, You will reach another dice that will require some climbing to grab. Towards the back of this area, you must jump first onto the flat top of the coral, then to the inclined column, and finally to the broken column next to it on which the dice rest.

Coral Trench Summit

Looking down this coral trench, Lucky Dice has been spotted atop a platform in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wargtooth.

Move straight down from that area. You may notice two exclamation marks on the map; One was near the entrance to the tomb-like area I had just been in and the other was just below that. Start by heading towards the bottom side mission.

You will come to a trench area with coral peaks to jump onto. There is a chest on the platform that you must jump into and the dice are right next to it.

The dice stack

This Lucky Dice is out in the open on a hill of sand with a wooden ramp leading to it in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wargtooth map.

This die is located in the same area next to the number 14. Outside the ditch area of ​​the number 14 will be A small stack on which the dice float.

Take the left turn

A character stumbles upon a lucky dice that was hidden atop a mountain ledge in Wargtooth within the game Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Near the side mission in this area, you will notice a cannon. As with the 4 dice, you need to fire the barrel behind the cannon which causes a cannonball to fire at a false wall.

Go past where the false wall was and run to your left until you reach a cave. Once in the cave, use the jump pad to jump to the level above you, then run to the left again, and you should see number 16 on the list.

Hidden waterfall dice

A lucky golden dice character discovers a hideout behind a shallow waterfall in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wargtooth.

You will notice a path on the map that allows you to move straight down and at the end of this path you will find this die. The dice will be right behind the waterfall water Which you can reach simply by walking in the water.

Broken deck

A Wargtooth Lucky Dice is hidden between a rock wall and a pirate ship in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Next in this single player shooter you will head to your right and down a bit until you come to a broken ship. If you walk behind the ship towards the rock wall, The dice will sit in the middle of the narrow deck.

Roof of the house

The character discovers a lucky die next to a table on a rooftop in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wargtooth.

Approaching the boss battle area in this map, around the corner from the previous one, you’ll go down a small tunnel that you can see from the ship. There will be a house and On the porch of the house, the dice will sit next to a table with candles.

There is a page of hair that you can pick up to the right of the dice.

surrounded by ghosts

Figure reveals lucky golden dice on the porch of a house surrounded by ghosts in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Wargtooth.

It will be second-to-last almost directly above 19 on the map. When you return to the road you came on, you will then head down the path to the map. The dice will be about halfway down this path.

You will enter an area full of ghosts who are just sitting around, and to your left, you will see The dice will rest on the upper level of the balcony of a house.

Half of the broken ship

The character has discovered a lucky dice hidden behind a broken beam on half of a wrecked ship in the War Age region adjacent to Tiny Tina's Wonderland.

If you keep following this area until you reach another narrow path on the map, you will come to half a ship surrounded by enemies.

Using the broken boards to jump to the part of the ship that hasn’t completely disintegrated, The die will be behind a crossbar in the middle of it. It may be a bit difficult to see him because the beam will shield him at first sight of the ship.

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