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Speaking with The Sun Sentinal, Spielberg said of the second Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie: “I wasn’t happy with Temple of Doom at all. It was very dark, very subterranean, very horrific. I thought it was an out-of-the-ordinary poltergeist. Not There is an iota of my personal feeling about Temple of Doom. The danger in making a sequel is that you can’t please everyone.”

However, Tarantino said of why he thought it was the best Indiana Jones movie:[Spielberg] He was full of pissing and measuring, well, in the case of consecutive jaws and close encounters, now he figures he can do nothing wrong, push the envelope, and create PG-13! The movie is so great, it just created a new level in the MPAA! Something Brian De Palma couldn’t do as much as he tried! “

The director of Pulp Fiction thinks it is Spielberg’s second best movie after one he believes is the best movie ever made.

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