Skyrim: the best hidden locations

Exploration is a staple of The Elder Scrolls series and Skyrim in particular. It’s one of the only reasons players spend hours and hours in the fantasy world, and it’s part of the reason Skyrim has withstood the test of time!

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But sometimes, exploring Skyrim leads to some more profound discoveries. Players with a keen interest will find some of the most interesting and secret areas in the game! Here are the best hidden locations that most Skyrim players never find.


10 Silvermoon shipwreck

Speaking with the people of Riverwood will reveal that the Silvermoon shipwreck is somewhat of a legend among the townspeople. Players who drown in the lake south of Lady Stone will be blessed to find the legendary merchant ship themselves!

The ship is home to a flat chest, which means that no matter how much (or how little) the game is played, the loot will always come in handy. A fairly decent hand ax can be found wedged into the cabin wood, and after a bit of a swim, you might even be lucky enough to find the captain himself! Even so, he’s definitely seen better days…

9 development room

Skyrim development room

This entry is unique on this list in that it No way For access without console commands, which means without modification, it is only accessible to PC players. However, it could easily be one of the most amazing locations in the entire game!

The Dev Room is a huge underground space that developers use during the creation of Skyrim. It’s home to every item, crafting table, and even some cut content! Players interested in the development room will be thrilled to know that there are several different rooms, including one particularly threatening An example where killed characters are stored.

8 the cold

Skyrim the Chill

Unless you have committed crimes against Skyrim and its people, you are unlikely to stumble upon this location By mistake. The Chill is Winterhold Prison, located on a lonely glacier at the northern end of the world map.

For such a great location, there isn’t much to find in terms of loot. However, explorers are highly encouraged to make the trek into the frozen cave, just be prepared to be battling it out Frost Atronachs Along the way! Or, for a faster trip, you might get arrested.

7 Giant Ninerrot Island


Players who want to see this Scene They’ll need to get themselves the Dragonborn DLC, as the island is northeast of Solstheim. From afar, the island doesn’t look like anything special, but the unique features reveal themselves upon arrival.

Just as the name suggests, the island is home to a huge Nirnroot, as well as several special Nirnroots that will grant the player Several copies For each plant they choose. The journey may be long, but the reward is worth it!

6 Kagrenzl


Kagrenzel is a dwarf castle that requires a real journey though it is not completely hidden around the edge of the map to get to it. The ruins are similar to many other ruins across Skyrim, but Kagrenzel is basically just one giant trap.

Related: Skyrim: The most amazing locations in the gameInside is a magical glowing ball, practically begging players to interact with it! But be careful, as activating the orb triggers a trap, releasing the ground and dropping players deep into the sprawling cave system! Surviving the fall is not guaranteed, so use the “Be Ethereal” yell before the fall to ensure a safe landing.

5 Blue Palace treasure room

Blue Palace Skyrim

The treasure room in the blue mansion will be the most efficient for you Skyrim get-rich-quick scheme. Unfortunately, it will take a little bit of ingenuity to get to it, so your best bet is to watch a video detailing the process.

To get to the room, head inside the mansion and pick up the silver saucer from the dining table. Head down the main aisle, and rotate the plate between the first seat on the right and the wall. Now, just start running to the wall/plate over and over until you finally make your way! Follow the beam straight ahead and drop onto your chest to your left. Get ready for some serious fortunes!

4 Pinewatch Passes


The passages of Pinewatch are a series of interconnected underground tunnels that most players never miss. That’s because the entrance is hidden inside a pretty unassuming cabin, which looks almost identical to dozens of others throughout Skyrim!

To unlock the passages, find a button hidden inside the hut. This shocking discovery will be revealedThat a Khajiit family was murdered by bandits who wanted to use their home. Use the passages to travel around the bandits’ camps and avenge their deaths!

3 Archwind Point

Arcade Point Skyrim

Arcwind Point is the definition of high risk, high reward. The enemies here are relentless, offering a real challenge to even the hardest of players! In fact, upon reaching level 78, the Arcwind point becomes a guaranteed spawn point for a legendary dragon.

Players who occupy the temple will be rewarded greatly. A new word for strength, a very powerful restoration spell, and overwhelming vainnessLoads of gold and other goodies are ready to be picked! Just make sure you arrive prepared.

2 Barrow yells

Skyrim Wingle Barrow

Yngol Barrow is located east of Windhelm, off the beaten track in a largely unexplored area already. This is a real shame because the dungeon really is one of the most atmospheric areas in all of Skyrim!

Apart from the final boss, the dungeon is devoid of any enemies, allowing players to enjoy the unique lighting atmosphere of Yngol Barrow. Mysterious glowing orbs will follow the player around, lighting up the mist as they progress through the dungeon. Once all is said and done, the players are rewarded rather massivelyHelmet!

1 Azure Star Cave

Azure-cave-skyrim (1)

The Azure Star Cave is not quite “hidden” nor is it difficult to access. To access the area, players are required to complete a major task Where success is not guaranteed thanks to some level requirements. On the other hand, the cave is easily the most amazing location in Skyrim.

To see this beautiful site for yourself, activate the “Azur’s Star” quest by speaking to Aranea Lenith, a woman who can usually be found worshiping an Azur shrine. Just make sure you really have funYour time is in the cave, as when you complete the mission you will never see them again.

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