Best Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra accessories in 2023

Alongside the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung announced its biggest and best Galaxy laptop yet: the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. With impressive specifications like a massive 16-inch AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and the latest Intel CPUs, this new laptop is sure to impress wherever you use it.

While the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra will set you back a couple thousand dollars, you might want to spend more and invest in some accessories. An extra monitor can help you multitask, while a docking station can get you more ports for your favorite peripherals. If you use your laptop at your desk a lot, a keyboard and mouse will also help you type and scroll faster. We’ve collected some of the best accessories for the Galaxy Book 3 Pro series below.

Docks and adapters

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra offers a lot of ports. There’s Thunderbolt 4 for connecting to external GPUs and charging, USB Type-A for connections to USB drives, HDMI for connecting to monitors that use HDMI ports, and even a microSD slot. This is a great start, but if you’re at your desk and have a lot of peripherals like printers, mice, and keyboards, you’ll want to consider a dock or adapter.

  • Samsung Multiport Adapter

    Editor’s Choice

    The Samsung Multiport Adapter is one of the official docks for the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra series. It’s compact and has a long cable length, letting you add USB-A, USB-C, and Ethernet ports to your device easily.

  • Lemorele_9_in_1_USB_C_Hub-removebg-preview

    Lemorele 9-in-1 USB-C hub

    Best Value

    This is an affordable alternative to Samsung’s official Multiport adapter. It includes the same number of ports, plus some extras, including USB-C, Ethernet, an SD card slot, two USB Type-A ports, and more.

  • Cal_Digit-removebg-preview

    CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt 4 Dock

    Best Thunderbolt dock

    Since the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra has Thunderbolt 4 ports, you can invest in a Thunderbolt dock. They might be expensive, but a dock like this one can give you extra USB-A ports but also fast data transfer speeds, too.

  • Anker_QI-removebg-preview

    Anker 651 USB-C Dock

    Best for charging

    Not all docks are the same, and it’s why we suggest this one from Anker. It has the usual USB-A ports that can help connect your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra to two extra monitors, but it doubles as a QI wireless charger for your phone.

  • Anker_Dock-removebg-preview

    Anker Docking Station

    Premium Pick

    Though priced very high, this Anker dock gets you 13 additional ports. These include SD cards, Ethernet, and USB-A. You also get SD card readers and two HDMI ports, plus a DisplayPort for connecting to up to three displays.

  • USB-C_Stand_dock-removebg-preview

    4URPC USB-C Laptop Docking Station

    Best docking station

    This is a great docking station if you want to connect your laptop to a monitor. Just close the lid, put the device into this dock, and connect the USB-C cable. You’ll then get a place to house your laptop, and enjoy extra ports, too!

External monitors

One of the big reasons why you’d want to buy the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is for the large 16-inch AMOLED display. It’s color-accurate and produces lifelike images. But if you want true productivity beyond just stacking windows side by side, an extra screen will do the trick.

  • Samsug_4K_finished-removebg-preview

    Samsung UR55 Series 28 UHD monitor

    Editor’s Choice

    Naturally, we have to suggest an official Samsung monitor for the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. This 28-inch monitor packs in 4K resolution, and can connect right to your new laptop with the HDMI cable.

  • Hp_24_finished_cropped-removebg-preview

    HP 24MH FHD monitor

    Best Value

    For those on a budget, this HP monitor is a great choice. It sports a great 24-inch screen, but only packs in the FHD resolution. This is still great for adding a second screen to your setup, though. Plus, the monitor has integrated speakers.

  • LG_ultrawide_finished_cropped-removebg-preview

    LG UltraWide 34WQ73A-B

    Best ultrawide

    Ultrawide monitors are great for productivity. It’s like having two monitors stacked side by side. This 34-inch monitor from LG is a great option since it packs in a crisp QHD resolution, HDR 10 support, and more.

  • Arzopa_Finished_Crop-removebg-preview

    Arzopa 13.3-inch 2K Portable Monitor

    Best portable

    Not everyone has room for a large monitor, so why not try a portable monitor? This option is compact at 13.3 inches and can be taken on the go. It even has a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, just like the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, and connects via USB-C.

  • ThinkVision_Finished-removebg-preview

    Lenovo ThinkVision P27u-20

    Best for creators

    This Lenovo monitor is great for those who want a color-accurate display similar to the one on the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. It can cover 99% of the DCI P3 color gamut and also supports HDR400. You even get a USB hub onboard and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity.

  • Dell_32_finished_croped-removebg-preview

    Dell 4K S3321QS Curved UHD monitor

    Best curved

    Curved monitors are great for productivity since it matches up with your line of sight. This 32-inch one from Dell is an excellent option with 4K resolution, great viewing angles, and built-in dual 5W speakers.

GPU enclosures

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra packs in RTX 4050 graphics or RTX 4070 graphics, but these are mobile graphics cards. Sure, they are powerful enough for quick video editing or gaming, but if you want to take your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra to the next level, you’ll want to consider an external GPU that plugs into your laptop’s Thunderbolt 4 port. Of course, you’ll have to spend extra money to buy both the external GPU and the enclosure, but it’s worth the extra computing power if you’re a serious video editor, gamer, or using CAD and graphic design programs.

  • Razer

    Razer Core X

    Editor’s Choice

    The Razer Core X lets you slot any AMD or Nvidia GPU inside. It delivers 650W of power and also charges your laptop with 100W of power. There’s also some extra USB-A ports, too.

  • Sonnet

    Sonnet eGPU Breakaway Box 750ex

    Best for content creators

    This Sonnet eGPU enclosure is for content creators who might already have a less power-hungry desktop GPU. It delivers up to 750W of power.

  • Auros (1)

    Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box

    Premium Pick

    This GPU enclosure from GIgabyte gets you a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 desktop GPU, and also will add three extra USB-A ports to your system.

Mice and keyboards

For a more comfortable typing experience, you’ll want to buy a keyboard for your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. Buying a mouse is also a good idea, as you can avoid wrist pains and other issues that come with using your fingers to gesture on a trackpad all day. Check out these picks.

  • mechnical

    Logitech MX Mechnical

    Editor’s Choice

    The Logitech MX Mechanical is one of the best keyboards you can buy. It’s a productivity keyboard with mechanical switches, but also with some gaming keyboard touches like different lighting patterns. It is also rechargeable and works with three devices.

  • Bluetooth_Combo_Microsoft_crpeed-removebg-preview

    Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

    Best Value

    Need both a keyboard and a mouse? This keyboard combo is the solution. Both of these work with Bluetooth and up to two different devices. Of course, you’ll have to provide batteries, but the slim profile is amazing.

  • The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is a compact 60% keyboard with analog switches for more precise control.
    Razer Huntsman Mini Analog

    Razer Huntsman Mini

    Best compact

    If you need something compact and maybe a little stylish, check out the Razer Huntsman Mini. This is a compact 60% keyboard with analog switches for more precise control.

  • MS_MAster_3s-removebg-preview

    Logitech MX Master 3S

    Editor’s Choice

    The Logitech MX Master 3S is a great mouse. It’s the industry standard, with a fast scrolling wheel, a comfortable side grip, and customizable buttons on the side. Best of all, it is rechargeable via USB-C.

  • Amazoon_Basics_Cropped-removebg-preview

    Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse

    Best Value

    If you need a basic, affordable mouse, this is our top choice. Similar to the Logitech MX Master 3S, it has a comfortable grip. It works with an included dongle.

  • Bluetooth_mouse_Microsoft_cropped-removebg-preview

    Microsoft Mobile Mouse

    Best for travel

    The Microsoft Mobile Mouse is great for its slim profile. It’s somewhat affordable and comes in cool colors that can help you express your identity a bit more.

Headphones and earbuds

If you’re planning to use your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra at home or in the office, you’ll want to buy a pair of headphones or earbuds. These will help ensure that your audio is more personal and that you’re not disrupting anyone. Consider any of the following, which have integrated microphones and great noise cancelation. Nothing is wrong with basic earbuds either, since the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra has a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

  • Earbuds__1_-removebg-preview

    Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

    Editor’s Choice

    These are the official wireless earbuds for the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. They fit nicely in your ears and come with noise cancelation and 3D audio.

  • Untitled__1_-removebg-preview-1

    Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

    Premium Pick

    Prefer headphones to earbuds? These Bose headphones are a great pick. You can wear these over your head and enjoy the comfy ear cuffs. You also get solid noise cancelation that ensures you’ll always be in focus.

  • switch__1_-removebg-preview

    PDP LVL40 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset

    Best Value

    This gaming headset is quite affordable and connects to your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra via the 3.5 mm headphone hack. It has a great microphone and powerful 40mm speaker drivers.

  • Steelseries__1_-removebg-preview

    SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset

    Best headset

    Since you can play games on the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, why not invest in a gaming headset? This wireless one from SteelSeries has top-notch lossless audio and connects via USB-C dongle.

  • Dell__1_-removebg-preview-1

    Dell Pro Stereo Headset

    Best for calls

    This headset is great for use with your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra if you’re planning to be on video calls all day. It has a long length and connects via USB-A. There’s also mute, and other audio control buttons on the cable, too.

  • earbuds-removebg-preview

    AmazonBasics In-Ear Wired Headphones

    Best basic

    These are a basic pair of wired headphones. You can’t go wrong with these, as it’s just under $10. Plug it into your 3.5 mm headphone jack and get going without worrying about recharging or wireless connections.


The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra series features a 1080p webcam with Windows Studio effects. That means you’ll look great on your calls but also get features like background blur. If you’re primarily video conferencing, though, you’ll want to consider investing in a better webcam with a 4K or a 2K sensor. Just set it at the top of your monitor or laptop display.

  • Dell__1_-removebg-preview

    Dell Pro Webcam

    Editor’s Choice

    Thie Dell Pro webcam offers great image quality thanks to the 2K sensor. It also has many smart features like AI Auto Framing and noise reduction thanks to the Sony Starvis Sensor.

  • Anker__1_-removebg-preview

    Anker PowerConf C302 Webcam

    Best features

    Anker is known for great chargers, but this webcam is a solid product, too. It has a 2K resolution and a wide-angle lens for superior image quality and a wider frame.

  • Untitled__1_-removebg-preview

    Walfront 2K Webcam

    Best Value

    We like this webcam from Walfront because it packs a great 2K sensor for an affordable price. It also has a privacy slider that you can bring in front of the lens to cover it when it’s not in use.

Cases and sleeves

Spending well over $2,000 on a laptop like the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra means you’ll want to protect your device. While there aren’t many specially built ones yet, any 16-inch laptop case will fit your device just fine. These cases offer padded protection, carrying handles, and even extra pockets for accessories.

  • case_1_cropped-removebg-preview

    MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

    Editor’s Choice

    This might be a basic laptop sleeve, but it is also one of the most stylish. You’ll get passed corners for protection from small drops, but also be able to express yourself with one of the multiple color options.

  • Case_2_cropped-removebg-preview

    Nacuwa 360 16-inch Laptop Sleeve

    Best rugged case

    This laptop sleeve is built tough. If you happen to drop your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra from a high angle while it’s inside this case, you shouldn’t expect too much damage. The case has a hard shell that protects your laptop.

  • Case_3_cropped-removebg-preview

    One Life 16-inch Laptop Case

    Best Value

    You can’t go wrong with this basic laptop sleeve. It’s top loading and lets you slide your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra in from the top. The bonus is that it offers water repellant.

  • Case_5_cropped-removebg-preview

    Lacdo 360 16-inch Laptop Shoulder Bag

    Best for travel

    This is a 16-inch laptop shoulder bag designed for those who will be taking the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra on the go. It comes with a great carrying handle and a shoulder strap. There are also pockets on the front that can be used to store your favorite accessories.

  • Case_6_cropped-removebg-preview

    V Voova Laptop Sleeve

    Best for accessories

    Need a laptop case with a lot of pockets? That’s what this Voova laptop sleeve offers. You get two front pockets for your favorite accessories along with a main compartment for your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra.


When the battery on your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra runs out, a charger will be needed to get back into action. Samsung includes a 100W charger in the box, but you can consider some of these alternatives that pack in extra ports for charging your other devices, too.

  • 1_cropped-removebg-preview

    ixcv USB-C 100W Charger

    Best Value

    This 100W charger is an excellent alternative to the one that came with your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. It even comes with a USB-C cable.

  • 2_cropped-removebg-preview

    Anker 525 Charging Station

    Best charging station

    Keeping your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra at your desk? You’ll love this charging station. Plug one end into the wall, and then use a USB-C cable to plug your other devices into the front for charging. It’ll help clean up the mess of cables on your desk!

  • 5_cropped-removebg-preview

    Anker 736 Nano II 100W Charger

    Best compact

    Anker’s 736 charger is one of the most compact 100W chargers on the market, but it still has three ports onboard. Two USB-C ports for either your laptop or Android phone and also another USB-A port.

  • battery__1_-removebg-preview

    Maxoak 185Wh Laptop Battery Pack

    Best battery pack

    This battery pack from Maxoak lets you charge up your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra on the go. It has a 185Wh charging capacity, which is above the typical battery pack, and more than enough to power your laptop under heavy loads.

  • 3_cropped-removebg-preview

    Ugreen 100W GaN USB-C charger

    Premium Pick

    This UGreen charger might be expensive, but it lets you power up four different devices at the same time. You get the same 100W of power from a USB-C port across all four ports. And, it’s quite compact, too.

  • This is a solar-powered battery bank that can charge up your Surface Pro 9 if the lights go out and you're in an emergency situation
    Mregb Solar Power Bank

    Mregb Solar Power Bank

    Best solar-powered battery

    This is a solar-powered battery bank that can charge up your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra in an emergency when electricity isn’t available.

Those are all the accessories for the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. We covered the core areas, like monitors, mice and keyboards, cases, and chargers. There are also extras like headsets and external GPUs, too.

We hope you found what you were looking for. Personally, we’d suggest picking up one of everything from each category. It might be expensive, but it will help in the long-term ownership of your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra and make your device easier and more fun to use. Things like the Samsung Multiport Adapter, Samsung UR55 monitor, and Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard are all worth picking up to truly make it one of the best laptops for you.

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