Hey, phone makers — stop handing cameras to film directors

Some big news from the launch of the Galaxy S23 this week – it turns out that if you hand a camera phone to Ridley Scott, the three-time Academy Award nominee for Best Director can shoot some amazing videos with it.

As a way to showcase the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S23 lineup in general and the Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular, Samsung enlisted Scott, and asked the famous director to shoot a short film with its flagship. Scott obliged, and the resulting project, Behold, looks promising enough in trailer form. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Scott and his crew had nothing but glowing things to say about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s versatility of video capture capabilities.

Scott wasn’t the only director Samsung called in to launch the S23. Korean director Na Hong-jin used the Galaxy S23 Ultra in a movie called Faith which also happened to showcase some of the camera’s capabilities in low light.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Turning to creative professionals to sing praises for the best camera phones isn’t a practice unique to Samsung. Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow has launched a series of ads on behalf of Apple to showcase the cinematic mode introduced with the iPhone 13. Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz was part of the launch of the Google Pixel 4, lending her huge reputation to this phone’s photo-capturing capabilities. Phone makers of all kinds love tapping directors and photographers home so much that their camera phones are just as powerful as film cameras, DSLRs, and any other expensive photography gear you can name.

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