How to get and use ability armor

The Ability Shield is a powerful new item introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This guide covers where to find it and how to use it.

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Pokemon games are known for their existence Items to make your trip easier. These can be very useful for those trying to take on the Elite Four or Six-Star Tera Raid Battles. Any advantage you can get is a bonus. One of these items is the Ability Shield. Scarlet and Violet are the first games to feature the ability shield.

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The in-game description for this item reads: “An item held by a Pokémon. This cute and somewhat unique shield protects its holder from changing its ability by others.”


What does an ability shield do?

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Ability shield is an item Pokémon protect the user from the ability to change moves. This means that a move such as “Skill Exchange”, which swaps the user’s ability with the target’s ability, will no longer have this effect; An ability shield ensures that this cannot happen to a Pokémon.

This item can mean victory or defeat when you have a Pokémon with strong abilities. For example, the ability “Good As Gold”, Gholdengo’s signature ability, ensures that the Pokémon is unaffected by any moves that have status status. If Gholdengo’s ability is altered, it can begin to experience these status conditions. Fortunately, if Gholdengo carries an ability shield, they don’t have to worry about anything altering their abilities.

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Where can you find ability armor?

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While plenty of items can be found all over Paldea on Earth, Ability Shield isn’t one of them. The only way you can find the ability shield is Buy it in Almagozathe main city where the Pokemon Academy is located in every game.

Once in Mesagoza, go to Delibird offers On the eastern side of town. can be purchased for 20,000 League Points or PokeCoins. You will need to take a look Battle Elements section in order to find it. Once you give the item to your Pokémon to keep, they’ll be good to go!

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