Krishna Lee: Family of slain Pasadena woman fights to recover her 2-year-old daughter from relatives of suspect Bobby Wolfe

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – Former Madison High School football star Bobby Wolfe remains in Harris County Jail accused of killing his girlfriend, Krishna Lee, last July.

According to the court, Lee’s family says the two-year-old girl the couple shared should be in their custody, but they haven’t seen her for months. They say she’s with the suspect’s family.

Annie Lee, Casey Lee’s grandmother, explained, “I get up every morning at two or three. If I fall asleep, I fall asleep without knowing it because I worry about the baby and the well-being of the baby.”

Annie says July 12 last year, the day ABC13 interviewed her about the shooting death of her granddaughter, Krishna, was the last day she saw her granddaughter Casey in person.

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“I didn’t know it was going to be this difficult,” Annie said. “I didn’t think they’d be so satisfied with the baby. The baby has been in my life and my family’s life since she was born.” .

Last fall, a court order was filed. In the arrangement, the judge names Annie as the person who can determine where Casey lives.

Annie says they called the Wolffs and tried to serve them with a court order but they say they move around and change numbers a lot. She says they’ve tried to get help from CPS and law enforcement, but so far, nothing has worked to bring 2-year-old Casey back to them.

“Everywhere we go, nobody helps us,” said Annie.

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ABC13 spoke to family law attorney Todd Frankfurt, who was not involved in the case, about the situation.

He says since they couldn’t serve the suspect’s family through civil court, their only other option is to try again to get the police to enforce the order under parental abduction laws, something the family says they haven’t been able to get the police to do.

“There are protections that are laid out in Texas family law, certainly in Texas criminal procedure code and Texas penal code to help give people some remedy and some way to try and fix the problem,” Frankfurt explained.

Annie says she will continue to do whatever it takes to get her granddaughter back.

He told me, “I know Krishna does not want me to give her up.” “It’s like I’m in a dream, and I know I’m not in a dream because I wake up every morning to see if she’s there, but she’s not there.”

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