Destiny 2 players bear the losses of farming in the Iron Banner, and I don’t blame them

A seemingly insurmountable mill, conquered in the name of fashion and laziness.

Just the other week in Iron Banner, Destiny players were treated to a brand new game mode known as Fortress. All we were told prior to release was that it would have three capture points and have a Cabal-style twist. Just two weeks later, the community is already divided over the new status, or simply avoiding it altogether.

A new Iron Banner game mode was released on January 10, and with it, an exciting new bonus that particularly excited the community – a brand new cosmetic shader that had unique interactivity, turning most canvas into chain mail. While it’s a small cosmetic change, these are the things I, and many others in the Destiny community, are mouth watering about. The big problem here is that to get the latest new shader, players have to reset the Iron Banner rank not just once, but basically twice, as they have to reach 15 of the 16 ranks required for the second reset. For some perspective, that’s about 40 hours of grinding for the average gamer.


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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Fortress

The Fortress game mode quickly became Titan’s playground, with capturing the most valuable points made exponentially easier with Titan’s Ward of Dawn and Barricades.

You might think that asking an average player to dedicate Iron Banner full-time hours to get silly shaders is silly… And the game’s Reddit community would agree. As if that wasn’t enough, players are encouraged to fly in later in the week instead of earlier, as your reputation gain increases throughout the week as you complete daily challenges. So for maximum grinding efficiency, you have four days to break down roughly a 40-hour Iron Banner. Granted, players have two chances to play the Iron Banner each season, so a reasonable person can simply do a little this week, and the rest the next time the Iron Banner rolls around. Unfortunately, we in the Fate Society are not generally considered rational folk. Guardians who take to the Iron Banner and attempt to grind a much-needed shader have found that the grind is a lot more than they bargained for.

With more players at the Iron Banner than ever before, a new game mode for people to speak their minds, and an agonizing grind: it all adds up to a perfect storm of community outrage, particularly within destiny 2 subreddit. I doubt players would have reacted this way if they didn’t feel stuck in the new game mode. Like I said earlier, this was the first PvP game mode this week, replacing the unofficial Quickplay playlist. So rather than face the long grind, frustrated players simply gave up. Whole six-man lobbies would purposely wander aimlessly or swoop in on each other furiously, refusing to participate in the point capture system, and trying to get a mercy ruling as quickly as possible (the mercy rule occurs when the enemy team accumulates a 50-point lead or greater, which can finish the game three times faster than a typical match). Players took to Reddit and Destiny forums Both to recruit more to their cause, farming rankings as fast as possible by quickly losing games, which gained a much faster reputation than winning. “I want Bungie to look me in the face and say the Iron Banner rep is OK,” said one Redditor in a post sharing a screenshot of the Destiny Companion app service. Clogged with losing farming players.

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Three Rangers prepare to fight a boss in Destiny 2

Some gamers, myself included, assumed that people were boycotting the Iron Banner en masse out of their disdain for the new game mode, but it was actually the MMO community doing what they do best: grinding. I somewhat enjoyed the new situation and found myself on the winning end of several matches where the enemy team simply gave up. I really don’t blame anyone for ruining reputations like that. While it may go against the idea of ​​Crucible (a catch-all term for PvP in Destiny) and the Iron Banner in general, we’re all real people living real lives, and if all you want is a shiny new shader, you’re well within your rights to hunt them down in the best way, the most Economical in terms of time, you know how.

Bungie hasn’t acknowledged the loss in farming yet, but in Latest TWAB (This Week in Bungie) Suggested that earning Iron Banner reputation will be about 40% faster starting next season. This is undoubtedly a direct response to the societal uproar. Players could have waited until next week’s Iron Banner, but now Bungie should know what happens when a shiny new carrot dangles in front of the Destiny 2 community, yet makes it very difficult for them to actually get it.

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