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Apex Legends is all about getting the edge over other teams in a match, which you play will ultimately determine the fate of your team. Having a versatile all-around fighter capable of reaching higher ground and disrupting enemy movement is every good thing about Horizon.

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This world of gravity manipulation was introduced into Apex Season 7 and has remained a staple of the battlefield. Horizon is one of the best Legends, but its skill set may not come naturally to all players. Here are ten tips to help give you the edge when playing as Horizon.


10 Bending when landing

Although Apex does not take fall damage, the delay after a high fall leaves players vulnerable to enemy fire. The first rule of thumb for playing as Horizon is to use Passive, Spacewalk, and use it often. This seemingly disappointing ability is one of the best passives in the game, as it eliminates the landing delay when falling from a high place.

This ability only gets better when you crouch at the moment of impact, as it allows Horizon to glide away from a fall and move unhindered. This is especially useful when your squad is trying to bypass ring damage on the way to the circle.

9 Take your left

Horizon uses gravity levitation to lift her teammate up

Gravity lifting may not seem flashy at first, but its benefit can be used in almost any situation. This tactical ability sends a device that lifts players 30 meters in the air, capable of reaching higher places and overcoming large obstacles. Players can either take it straight on or push themselves in the direction of their choosing.

Unlike Octane’s jump pad, this lift remains active for 10 seconds, allowing players to stay on top and shoot their opponents. Pair this with Spacewalk and it is a match made in Heaven as it will enable you to have a comfortable landing without delay. With a cooldown of 20 seconds, this ability can and should be used often to overwhelm your opponents.

8 Don’t live on the elevator

Thinking on the horizon while Rampart is being dropped into the Apex

While you’re on the Gravity Lift, there are some drawbacks to using it without thinking. First, it is deafening when placed on the ground and can quickly catch the eye of enemy teams. This is best used when enemies start after the fight, especially if you and your team are trying to reach a third party.

It can be an excellent tool for catching enemies off guard by shooting down from the top of the elevator. However, this should be done in moderation as it leaves you wide open to return fire. Finally, if another squad is chasing you, keep in mind that anyone, especially pursuers, can use this tactic.

7 Find the best point of view

Horizon floats in zero gravity with a newt

Horizon’s abilities are designed to reach high places quickly, so fighting on the ground floor is a huge mistake. Starting a skirmish with a clever deployment of its elevator can make all the difference, so start there. Before you go full speed, make sure you know where you want to go.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a high place with cover that’s difficult for enemies to reach. Don’t worry about always having your team with you. One of Horizon’s strengths is its ability to shoot unsuspecting enemies, and if your entire squad is in a confined space, enemies will likely notice and drop grenades your way.

6 Stand (mid) ground

Sights pause while targeting the building in Apex

The Eva-8 is impressively powerful up close, but not when 100 meters away. Having the right weapons will be even more important when playing as Horizon. Its load should focus more on medium to long range weapons than shotguns and SMGs. Firearms like the Hemlock or G-7 Scout are must-have choices.

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Many streamers and professional gamers do not use sniper rifles due to their slow rate of fire, but Horizon is an exception to this rule. Along with Vantage and Pathfinder, Horizon is one of the best sniper picks in the game. If you go this route, let your team close while you stay behind to hunt down unsuspecting enemies.

5 Unleash the black hole

Horizon uses the final Black Hole in Apex

While Horizon Passive and Tactical aren’t flashy, their Ultimate is anything but flash. The Ultimate, Black Hole, creates a singularity that pulls anyone and anything toward the center for 12 seconds, making escape nearly impossible. Enemies trapped inside are marked for easy targeting, though having a digital threat sight makes it even easier.

It can be tempting to use this all the time, but instead, it’s best used on enemies hiding behind cover, in front of doorways, or when enemies are trying to revive looted teammates. Play defensively with this Ultimate.

4 Stock up on grenades

A character with a bow star in Apex Legends

The explosive fuse might be the character’s best when throwing grenades at enemies, but Horizon isn’t slacking. Grenades are a perfect match for Horizon Ultimate because they pull down enemies and everything else, including grenades. After launching Newt towards your enemies, quickly throw three or four grenades in the same direction.

This combo is a great way to knock out multiple players at once. Keep in mind that this combo can also damage your team. So stock up on Arc Stars and Frag Grenades after you find a great weapon or two.

3 You always have an escape route

Horizon Wilding Rifle Havoc in Apex Legends

Horizon’s abilities are great to bring into battle, but they can also be used to escape sticky situations. For example, her gravity crane can still lift teammates. So if a teammate gets knocked, quickly throw a lift to get them safely behind cover before you start to revive them.

Horizon’s Ultimate is also an excellent tool for preventing enemies from pushing through. Throw Newt in front of doorways or openings where enemies can create cover for your squad. Although it does not stop enemy shots, Newt has 175 horsepower, which can be used as a makeshift wall.

2 Team up to throw it

A squad of Horizon, Seer, and Loba await battle

Team building is important no matter who you play for, and Horizon is no exception. Pairing it with defensive legends like Gibraltar or the electrified Watson go together exceptionally well because Horizon can cover up its movement shortcomings with its tactical advantage.

Teaming up with Recon Legends like Bloodhound and Seer also works as they can help highlight enemy locations. The only problem with so many Support Legends in one squad is the lack of offensive capabilities. If you’re on a team with Wraith and Fuse, stay away and shoot from above.

1 Study chaos theory

Horizon uses the gravity device to eliminate the enemy Apex

Horizon’s abilities are unusual on paper but can be put to much more interesting use if you think outside the box. If you’re inside a building and an advance group starts charging you, throw the gravity lever inside to protect your team. If you do this at the right time, you can launch enemies into the ceiling, where they will become easy targets.

You can also use levitation on enemies if they are near an off-limits area or cliff, as this can cause them to fly off the map. The elevator also disables the direction of the bullets, which can also be used in a pinch. These methods shouldn’t be your strategy, but they can help you stay a little longer, if not more fun.

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