Top 10 animals to adopt

In Fire Emblem Engage, animals roam around Elyos’ lands and can be adopted. After completing any battle on the world map, you will have the opportunity to explore the area. After any story, training or skirmish chapter, you can discover the animals of the area. When you interact with an animal in post-battle exploration, you can choose to adopt it, and bring it back to Somniel to be raised in the Stable.

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Each area is home to a different species, so take note of which location to find these animals if you’re filling up your stable. When choosing which 5 to graze in the field, it’s best to decide which ones produce the ones you need.


10 Eleusian sheep

The first continent you explore in Fire Emblem Engage is the land of Firene. Located in the western and southern region of Ilios, this land is rich in green trees, grass and water. Neither too hot nor too cold and not too mountainous, Fyrén is an ideal habitat for the Eleusinian sheep.

The Elyosian Sheep is one of the first animals you’ll encounter in Elyos and can be adopted very early in the game. One of the best animals to have in your stable, Eleusinian sheep have the opportunity to provide milk when they graze.

9 Firenze cat

FE engaging cat

Also located in Firene is one of Elyos’ many cats, Firenese Cat. Each of the four continents is home to different types of cats, and there are eight adoptable cats in Elios. While you can adopt them all, be sure to find the Firenese Cat, as they provide the best rewards.

Many types of cats will only provide you with salmon, and all but the Firenese Cat have only one option for a potential reward. However, the Firenese cat can provide both cod and carp, which makes it the most versatile of the Ileos cats.

8 Iris owl

FE Engage Owl

The Iris Owl can only be found later in the game than the Elysosian Sheep and Firenese Cat, as it only lives in the northeast of the continent of Elusia. One of the Elyos’ birds, the Iris Owl, is another animal that has two potential rewards for being allowed to graze in your stable: berries and tomatoes.

When you have a grazing rabbit in your stable, it can provide you with berries. In addition to this feature, the Iris herding owl will also produce tomatoes and is the only animal that can do so.

7 eagle halo

FE Engage Eagle

Aura Eagle hails from Brodia, the northwestern continent of Elyos, and is a must-have for all stables. Not only does Eagle Aura look regal and stunning, but it also provides a lot of cool rewards. This animal offers four options: chicken, pork, lamb, and beef.

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The meats provided by Aura Eagle are great for cooking meals at Somniel’s Café Terrace. These items can cook up a variety of menu options that further bond the Fire Emblem Engage heroes.

6 Banana Camel

FE engaging sentences

Another essential animal for your stable if you cook a lot of meals is the Panna Camel. This animal comes from the southeast of the continent in Elios, the land of Solm. One of the later animals you’ll encounter, Panna Camel, is well worth the wait.

Panna Camel provides you with wheat flour, beans, spices and rice when you let them graze in your stable. Like the Aura Eagle, this animal offers four different item bonuses that are all exclusive to that animal only.

5 Rutile marmot

FE Engage Marmot

The first of our top 5 animals is the large ground squirrel, the Rutile Marmot. This adorable furball lives in Brodia and requires you to donate gold to the region before you can adopt him. Like many of the other entries on this list, you’ll need to increase your donation level with Brodia to at least level 2.

The Rutile Marmot could easily guarantee a place in your grazing rotation because it drops rare fruit. This item can be used to enhance meals in the Café Terrace, resulting in a greater increase in stats and support for bonds when eating.

4 Merry donkey

FE engaging a donkey

Mére Donkey comes from the land of Firene and could also be worthy of being graze in your stable. This animal, like the Rutile Marmot, requires a donation level of 2 or more before it can be adopted, but when it grazes, it provides you with rare vegetables.

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Similar to Rare Fruit, Rare Vegetables are an optional ingredient that can be used to enhance a Café Terrace meal recipe. Having an ample supply of these can be beneficial if you use a meal prep service often.

3 Vervan Der

FE involving deer

Found on the continent of Elusia, the Vervain Deer will add a lot of personality to your stable. This animal is one of the few large specimens that looks great in your field when you let it graze. Vervain Deer, like Mére Donkey, offers rare vegetables as a bonus.

Since their bonuses overlap, you should allow Vervain Deer or Mére Donkey to occupy one of the few spots on your Grazing List. If you are trying to maximize your benefits, choose your favorite and the other constant.

2 Tartu Flamingo

FE engaging flamingo

The Tartu Flamingo is the most colorful, unique and eye-catching animal of Ilios. Especially if you don’t want to get involved in the small game hunting on The Pond, Tartu Flamingo is the perfect choice for Graze in your field.

Rewarding you with a Rare Fish, Tartu Flamingo is easily one of the best animals in the Stable. Home to the Solm, the Tartu Flamingo can’t be adopted until later in the game than most other animals, but you’ll have to bump into all the other animals in your top 5 when you get one.

1 Eleusinian dogs

FE Engage the dog

The best resource you can get for grazing animals is iron, steel or silver ingots. These items are used in The Boutique and The Smithy to buy new clothes or improve your weapons. When an Elyosian dog is grazing in your field, he can sniff out these valuable resources for you.

Whichever Elyosian Dog you prefer is totally fine, with all three types providing bullion. Adopt an Elyosian Dog or White Elosian Dog from the start of the game in Firene (no donation level required) or a Black Elosian Dog from Firene or Solm.

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