WhatsApp Status gains a new privacy setting, link preview, reactions, and more

The update is now being rolled out globally.

WhatsApp is a very versatile messaging app that can keep you connected in a number of different ways with friends, family, and co-workers. Thanks to its success with people all over the world, the platform is constantly adding new features to improve the experience. WhatsApp Status was introduced nearly six years ago in an effort to bring Snapchat’s most popular feature to the platform. Now, WhatsApp is making improvements to Status, introducing features that give users new ways to communicate while safely protecting privacy.

Status gives you access to ephemeral updates, giving people a quick look at what you’re up to for a short 24 hours. You can share photos, videos, texts, and more. Although, sometimes you don’t want to share all your status updates with everyone you know and that’s where the new private audience selector comes in. The new feature gives users the ability to choose who can see the status update. To keep things convenient, WhatsApp will remember your recently selected audience and will save that group for your next update.

In addition, Status will now support audio messages, allowing up to 30 seconds of recorded audio to be posted, giving users a new way to express themselves. Moreover, users will now be able to reply to status using emojis. This gives users a quick and easy way to respond without having to send a message or create an original reaction. In order to send an emoji reaction, users will need to swipe up on a status and just choose from one of the eight available emojis.

Status updates will now be more visible thanks to a new loop that will include a status profile, making it easier for users to identify when new updates are available. Furthermore, link previews will now be available with URLs posted in the status. This will give users a small preview of what to expect before they click on the link. The update is now being rolled out worldwide and is expected to be fully rolled out in the next few weeks. You can try WhatsApp by downloading the app for iOS and Android.

source: WhatsApp blog

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