WWE reveals the end to Toxic Attraction during Bayley’s NXT comeback

Tonight, WWE NXT featured a very special comeback in the form of Bayley, who brought Ding Dong, Hello! again and hosted by Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin from Toxic Attraction. The show revolved around their ongoing friendship after they turned on each other in their match against Roxanne Perez, and it really seemed like Bayley won them over and fixed any issues between them. They stood tall and agreed to another round, naming the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, but then it all fell apart, and it’s safe to say Toxic Attraction is over.

Early on, Bayley was complimentary of both stars, calling her an absolute favourite. They sat farther apart on the couch and it didn’t take long for the former best friends to start attacking each other, blaming the other for costing them the match. They kept bickering, and Bayley tried to get them on the same page, but the insults stopped that.

Doolin accused Jane of making excuses, then Jane said she was a star on her own. Jayne also said that Dolins’ equipment looked like a tramp and Chucky’s doll, and then they both said they were aiming for the lead.

Bayley then points out that getting to the top is much easier with a ride or die beside you, someone who would do anything for you and have the same goals. Dolin then says that Toxic Attraction has been her life for about 3 years, and that the entire locker room hates her. Jane then backtracked, saying, “If they hate you, what do they think of me,” and then proceeded to reveal all the insults she’s been hurled at over the years.

Jayne said then that when she gets angry, she wants to cut real deep and aim straight for the jugular, and she also said that she isn’t going to change anytime soon. However, she also calls her sister Dolin, and Dolin returns those feelings. Then Jain said they had two options. They can go their separate ways and see what happens or they can run one another. That’s when they teased that they might be chasing after the Damage CTRL Women’s Tag Team Championship, and Bayley made everyone calm down.

She wanted them to hug her and they did, and Bailey called them the happy couple. Jayne then raised Dolin’s arm in celebration, but things quickly took a turn. Jane hit Dolin with a jab, causing her to fall to the ground. She then yelled at Doolin as Bayley crawled into her chair, exclaiming “It was never about us. It was always about me.” And Jain couldn’t be prouder.

So, the toxic attraction is now finished, and we’ll have to see what’s next for Jayne.

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