Xbox unveils the new Stellar Shift Special Edition controller

The new console is available today and comes with a dynamic Xbox Series X | Xbox Live wallpaper S.

Microsoft has revealed and launched a new variant of its Xbox Wireless Controller, dubbed the Stellar Shift. This new version joins other special edition controllers with iridescence effect such as previously released Lunar Shift and Aqua Shift.

Xbox surprised fans by announcing the Stellar Shift controller on her Twitter page And Product page in the Microsoft Store. “Try the Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition, featuring a color-changing grip, blue-purple, and rubbery purple swirl grips that bring each controller to life,” the product page reads.


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Xbox also announced that the remake shares some elements with the standard series, such as a unique color-changing effect that turns the console purple or blue depending on the angle of inversion. The front of the controller also has a glitter finish, while the handles feature a purple swirl that Xbox says is unique to each console.

The transformation controls are inspired by different aspects of the world and the universe. Microsoft describes the new Stellar console as evoking the exciting feeling of a deep space atmosphere, with the moon inspiring the Lunar console and the deep sea playing a role in creating the Aqua model. This controller features a dynamic background that opens when connected to Xbox Series X | Consoles S.

The Xbox Stellar Shift Wireless Controller is the latest in a series of great peripherals since Microsoft kicked off the Xbox Series X | S. Fans have also been treated to the Elite Series 2 as a follow-up to the Xbox Elite console, but this latest version is the fanciest and most affordable, retailing for under $100. Microsoft also makes custom builds through the Xbox Design Lab, where you can apply features from standard consoles and Elite editions.

As usual, the new console can also connect to Android, iOS and PC via Bluetooth. You can pick up the console today for $69.99 from the Microsoft Store and retailers worldwide.

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