Klagmar Merlin Coast Trials Guide

Merlin’s Trials are puzzles that test your creativity in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s how to solve the Clagmar Coast Trials.

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Merlin’s trials are spread across the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. Left by the legendary Merlin himself, these experiences are activated by dropping Mallowsweet leaves onto the stone platform. Some of the strategies are reused to solve trials, as a lot revolves around using a single spell, which makes you use it in more creative ways than you previously thought.

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The Clagmar Coast is one of the last areas you’ll get to in the game, as some of these experiences are quite difficult to solve. In the Klagmar Coast area, there are a total of five Merlin trials to complete.

Experiment with destroying pots

The player uses a basic attack to destroy the pots, with a map showing the experience

This trial can be straightforward. Next to the Stone platform will be what appears to be a shooting range, and the experiment will begin Many pots spawn within the fenced range. To complete this experience, go to the range and start unleashing your basic attacks to destroy the pots. New pots will be locked automatically after each one is destroyed, Making most of this experience is done by the automatic locking system. The most the player has to do otherwise is walk to the other side of the range and make sure you get the pots on that side.

Destroy the columns

The player throws Confringo onto a pole, a map marking the location of the trial

This experience requires players to find the pillars surrounding it confringo. After starting the experiment, several columns will appear around the stone circle, both at ground level and around the rocks above. Casting Revelio can allow you to view all column sites. The first two pillars can be seen from where the trial began, and the other pillar can be found Climb up the sides of the rocks to get past your current position. The last pillar is slightly in the ocean but can be seen from the top of the rocks.

Repair of destroyed facilities

Player Casting Repairo, a map locating the trial

This trial of Merlin can be hidden in what is essentially the far end of the map. After starting the experiment, players will see Three ruined stone structures not far from the beach that need to be fixed. To get to the first two, head to sidewalk edge, Where will be two structures within the Repairo range. After repairing these two structures, head back to land and follow the beach to the right side (facing the ocean) to reach the range of the last structure.

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Moths to the flame

The player casts Lumos, a map that locates the trial

This path can be a little more difficult, and it is better to lay down Lumos and Depulo are in the same diamond spell. After starting the experiment, there will be three green-lit stone bases to which you will need to attract moths. Moths will be around the small hill you are on and will follow you after you throw Lumos and walk through them. When the moths follow the light source, They will stop and stay at one station if the player does anything to stop Lumos being sent, Which makes you unable to rock climb back up.

Along the side of the small hill, there is a lift with a winch to temporarily drop the platform. I quickly threw Depulo over the key On the right side of the elevator and Lumos quickly throws again To lure the moths back, run to the platform to climb onto it before it lifts up again. Continue this process two more times and walk the butterflies on all three stilts to complete the experiment.

Flipping and matching boxes

The player throws a Flipendo on a chest, a map that locates the trial

In this experiment, you will see three different sets of two boxes, with logos on each side. Your goal is Throws Flipendo into the top box You have all sides Match what appears in the box below. The box will flip differently depending on which side you send Flipendo from. It is better to Choose an angle and focus only on the two logos From that angle, since matching these two will also contain matching the rest of the square. This can be a bit of trial and error, but after a few twists and turns and knowing where each logo is and how the twists affect the box, it can be finished relatively quickly.

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