Children of the Forest: How to get water

Sons Of The Forest has a thirst meter, just like many survival horror games. You’ll need to keep an eye on this gauge at all times to ensure you don’t become dehydrated, which is always easier said than done. The previous game had rainwater harvesting, while this one is currently opting for something simpler.

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This does not mean that the answer is to stare you directly in the face. Drinking water will seem easy once you know that, but the trick is knowing how to launch the command prompt.


Use GPS to find a source of water

At the beginning of the game, after the opening scenes, you will have an emergency kit in your inventory that you need to unlock. There are a few incredibly useful items in that collection, It should be noted the global positioning system (GPS). GPS tracks your location in the palm of your hand, as it’s not like real GPS and more in line with typical video game maps. Not only will you see where you are and see where any of your friends are, But the ponds and streams will be easily located using GPS.

The children of the jungle player hold a GPS and a spear in front of a waterfall

It’s as simple as looking for it Anything blue on the GPS. Streams will look like streams, as in blue lines across the map, and puddles will be large areas of blue. Walk with GPS on hand, which makes it easy to navigate your water sources.

How do you drink stream water?

He makes the Children of the Forest drink from a stream

This is the most exciting part for gamers. It’s easy to understand that you should be able to go directly to a source of fresh water and drink directly from it. Being stuck in the middle of a jungle makes sense and is incredibly reliable. but, If you walk to a stream or pond, you may find it hard to get the drink to pop right away. Like most interactions, the default keyboard input is the E key, but regardless of whether you use the default to switch to a key you like better, the prompt may not appear.

It’s not that you did something wrong, it’s just that you didn’t make another necessary step. Take a quick look at the image above and notice that the player is no longer carrying a GPS or a weapon. If you are carrying a weapon and are near a stream, the drink prompt will not appear. This is because your character is willing to use whatever tool you hold, for example, if you hold the spear and hit the react button, it will just spear the water, trying to catch a fish that isn’t there. But without a weapon, you’ll have no problem getting a drink from the stream.

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What are the other ways to hydrate?

Sons of the Forest Downstream Stream

Now that you know how to use GPS, you will always be able to find the nearest water source. Having said that, you will need to consider all of your other options if you are away from a water source and approaching a complete drought. In The Forest, there was a craftable item called the Water Collector, which allowed you to collect rain as a resource. However, there is currently no rainwater collector at Sons Of The Forest. Since the game is in early access, it’s entirely possible that this will change.

Scavenging will provide other methods, but these have their caveats. While surviving through the jungle, you will find a lot of plants that you can eat directly from. These are usually berries, and you can choose to eat them from the bush or store them in your inventory for later. To find out what the berries do, you’ll have to eat them, but some of them will instantly harm you. Not only that, but because berries are food, You are more likely to be full from eating berries than from drinking water. If your only concern is hydration, it’s best to store any fruits you come across for later rather than eating them right away.

Finally, there is a tried and true way to clean other people’s belongings. Back in your crashed helicopter, you can check boxes for supplies, And you should always open any baggage you find. You might find food, medicine, or a bar, but in terms of hydration, what you’re looking for are drinks. Just like in the previous game, you can find energy drinks inside bags and crates, choosing this is a smart idea. If you have any energy drinks, you will be able to hydrate even when you are away from a water source. Just open your stock and drink one, and you should be good for a while. They can prove reliable, but only try to save when the GPS shows no water sources nearby.

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