Diablo 4 developers promise to improve wait times and server stability soon

Diablo 4 Community Manager PezRadar provided an update (via Blizzard Forums) on long queues and occasional server disconnects on early access, saying the team is actively working to fix all of these issues.

Diablo 4’s early beta launched yesterday, March 17th, and is scheduled to run until March 20th at 3PM ET. However, there are many players currently Unable to sign in to the trial versionMost login screens indicate that players must wait at least two hours before they can join the game. Also, if a player logs out, the timer will reset.

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For this reason, the first recommendation from PezRadar is for players to stay in the queue to make sure the timer doesn’t reset. Right now, the team is working manually to manage the rate at which players enter the game until a full fix for the disconnect issue is available, and PezRader promises to significantly reduce wait times once the issue is resolved.

List of known issues Players have already been posted, and additional issues have been highlighted in addition to the queue dilemma. This includes in-game voice chat not working properly for some players, various performance issues, buttons not leading to the correct menus, and scenes that cause character shadows to glitch if not skipped. The post also reassures players that more non-English spoken languages ​​will be available when the game launches on June 6 this year.

In follow up post To the Queue update statement, four issues that the team is currently prioritizing, tracking, and working on are detailed: players not being able to join a party while in game, players receiving an error saying their team doesn’t exist, rubber when moving between regions, and RAM usage and GPU on certain hardware.

Bloating is an effect that occurs in online video games due to high latency or ping, which causes noticeable lag in games. When a lag occurs, an animated object, such as a character model, appears to jump from one place to another, as if it is teleporting or being shot with a rubber band.

The team will provide more updates on the situation in the forums later tonight and tomorrow morning.

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