Engaging Fire Emblem: Best Build Anna

Tales are told throughout the Fire Emblem community of a money-loving merchant who seems to have the ability to travel between dimensions. Her stunning red hair seems to be an ever-present in major conflicts around the world. In Fire Emblem: Engage, you take the form of Anna, a budding saleswoman who has been separated from her family. As the other characters take on the role of the shopkeeper, Anna takes to the battlefield to aid Alear in their journey to defeat Sombron.

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Some characters in Engage require creativity from the player to get the most out of their abilities, none more so than Anna. In the following guide, you will know why Unique talents He can confuse and overwhelm new players and learn how to equip the young merchant to defeat the toughest enemies.

Growth rates

The first thing you might notice when looking at Anna’s growth rates is how little of her base class she fits into. She owns The highest magic growth in the game, at 50%, however her base class is the ax fighter. Moreover, she Pitty Strength 15%with the Class bonus only helps her up to 35%. While there are plenty of options for building an Anna, the logical conclusion is that you should Get as much of her crazy magical growth as possibleIts excellent support Speed ​​and dexterity. Finally, you’ll want to support her lucky situation as much as possible, as her personal skills, Make a kill, grants 500 gold after killingwith the chance of that happening based on her luck.

a base

ax fighter

Max HP








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The best seasons
Alear changed from Dragon Child to Divine Dragon class

While growth rates are certainly important, so are basic stats. While Anna’s magic growth is exceptional, her base magic is only 2, compared to a base strength of 10. So, Anna will definitely need some work to become the power she’s meant to be. Luckily , Many enemies at the start of the game have very low resistanceso quickly switching to a Mage (after leveling your bond with Celica or Micaiah) will allow her to take on the bonus buffs offered while still being able to take on many enemies with her high speed.

After that, you can upgrade them to Sage or Mage Knight to continue benefiting from powerful buffs. Choosing between the two will likely depend on your army’s needs and whether you prefer another healer or cavalry unit. On the other hand, you can take a completely different approach when building Anna. Since her magic is naturally very high, she may prefer to focus on enhancing her strength to build a hybrid unit. If you decide to go down this route, it will be a good ending point Knight’s bow (preferably using swords). This build will focus on her incredible growth in skill and speed while allowing her to wield weapons that match her magic.

The best weaponsFE Engage Inventory tab

If you’re using Anna in a magic-focused class, the weapon choices are pretty straightforward. Equip it with the most powerful version of thunder and fire magic you have available, with the Wind folder if you have the inventory space. After upgrading, you will either add healing sticks or Levin’s Sword or Spear of Flame to its arsenal. Finally, should she choose to go down the Bow Knight’s path, the radiant bow will become her most powerful weapon of all. Due to her impressive dexterity, she can also make use of the Killing class of weapons for frequent critical hits.

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Best logo ringsAlear from Fire Emblem: Engage in equipping the Marth Emblem Ring

As a Magic class, Anna would prefer to deal with Celica or Mika. Micah is nice to the wizard knight in her build, as they grant the use of wands regardless of class and provide additional staff range when participating. Celica is a nice pairing with the build of Sage, supporting the medium mobility that the class possesses with Warp Ragnarök skill. On the other side of the build paths, Bow Knight will fantastically use Lyn’s ring. It’s also worth noting that if you have the DLC unlocked, the Tiki bracelet provides useful bonuses for Anna, regardless of class.

best skillsFE Engage Marth Engage skill

Anna will want to focus on offensive skills and speed boosts, as well as anything that increases luck to give you a better chance of getting gold after a fight. As mentioned above, the DLC Tiki skills work wonders here.




SP cost


When equipped with a folder and has >1 HP, the unit loses 1 HP when starting combat and deals more than 2 damage

Silica Bond Level 5



If a unit starts combat with a speed advantage of 9 or more, the unit performs a follow-up attack before the enemy counterattack

Lean Bond Level 5



Grants +2 speed each time a unit starts and defeats an opponent, and accumulates to a +10 that lasts until the end of the battle

Lean Bond Level 5


Luck +2

Grants luck +2

Bilith Bond Level 5



Give +10 HP and +10 Luck

Tiki bond level 18


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