Horizon Forbidden West: The Flood Wanderer

Are you exploring the vast world of Horizon Forbidden West and you are currently stuck on a side mission, deluge? Don’t worry, you are not alone! If you’ve recently finished completing the game’s main quest, The Broken Sky, or are currently in the midst of completing the game’s main quest, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a side quest set by Zach in the shining spear. You may need some help to complete this long task, for which we have the final walkthrough to guide you through.

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We understand that time is precious, and you wouldn’t want to spend hours trying to figure out a side quest, which is why we’ve provided several strategy tips and tricks that will save you time and frustration. From tackling obstacles to overcoming challenges, this step-by-step guide will ensure you complete The Deluge without any difficulties. So, if you want an exciting adventure, let’s dive in together and make sure you come out on top.

Start the flood in Shining Spear

You will come across a named character zakat In the scalding spear;. Will share with you the disturbing news that Ashblood’s supply of Mark bleeding, which is located in the north where desert and mountain meet. Your task is to head there and investigate the situation.

upon arrival Mark bleedingyou will quickly realize that a violent storm has destroyed the village with blows Mudslide, causing her to submerge. A few survivors will gather around the campfire, desperate for help. Here you will meet Naticawho will inform you of the missing others, including a person named Kentokk.

Aloy is on her way to the Metal Tower

As you scan the flooded village for other survivors, you will notice a towering structure in the distance. Your curiosity will lead you to swim towards it, and as you make your way, you’ll hear what other survivors they are trapped and unable to escape.

Upon reaching the tower, you will discover another tower nearby that appears to have a path inside. But, as high as it can prove to be a challenge, you’ll have to use your wits to do it Push a dead tree and create a temporary bridge. using your Polcaster To get through the obstacles, you will make your way to the top of the tower and jump to the next point.

When she jumps the ladder suspended in the middle of the tower, tragedy strikes when it breaks under Aloy’s weight, causing her to fall into the water below. But, all is not lost, as the survivors you meet there tell you about the situation of the Others who are trapped in a watchtower in the north. They also tell you that they feel hopeful after hearing about Natikka.

Finally, locate a file vertical beam that need to climb. Use the Pullcaster to pull the platform straight from the wall. Go ahead and lower another platform. After that, go up the stairs and find an open ventilation shaft. By doing so, you will submit a file Means of escape for survivors.

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Rescue the survivors from the watchtower in the cave

Aloy speaks to the survivors in the cave and Aloy's fighting machines

As you continue with The Deluge side quest, your journey will lead you to the cave, a site located north of the metal towers. Here, you’ll encounter a watchtower in ruins, and your task is to rescue any survivors who may be trapped inside.

However, as with most challenges in this game, the current task is far from simple. You will need to take on the ferocious machines known as Burrowers and Snapmaws to clear the way for the survivors to escape. But, with the right strategy and technique, you can take down these machines and save the survivors.

Tips for defeating Burrowers and Snapmaws

In Horizon Forbidden West, every enemy you encounter has it Unique weakness You can exploit them to gain the upper hand in the fight. The same goes for Burrowers and Snapmaws, and with the right strategy, you can remove them quickly and efficiently while minimizing the risk to yourself.

  • One of the best times to strike burrows when they are on hind legsThey will stay in this position for a few seconds, giving you the perfect opportunity to launch a stealth takedown.
  • Alternatively, you can Aim for Burrowers’ eyes, which is a particularly vulnerable area. By aiming at their eyes and hitting them continuously, you can do a great deal of damage and take them down more quickly.
  • Use fire And shock Works best with snapmousecausing them more damage. With your ability to focus, you can increase your precision and accuracy, making it easier to get to their weak spots.

With the machines defeated and the survivors rescued, Aloy talks to them to gather more information. She informs them of the Natika camp and encourages them to go there for safety. Aloy also tries to learn about Kentokk’s whereabouts, but unfortunately she doesn’t receive any useful information.

However, the survivors are already revealing to her the whereabouts of other individuals trapped along the eastern slopes. With this new knowledge in mind, Aloy sets out to continue her mission of saving the other survivors.

Rescue survivors on the eastern slopes

Aloy's crane is moving, Aloy's making a fire, Aloy's on the eastern slopes

The next challenge in your mission is to rescue the survivors who are trapped in eastern slopes. Your main goal is Move the lever near them so that they can descend safely. The catch: you need to Ignite the flame of fire First by diving into the water. This will allow you to move the lever closer to the survivors who are eagerly awaiting your help.

But it is not as simple as it seems. You need to remove the counterweight from the Pullcaster to Lower the boom for survivors. Since it is still not enough, you need to release the cable pulley more to bring the arm down. Once the lever is in position, survivors can climb onto their arm and lift them down safely. With this task accomplished, Aloy and the survivors are finally able to meet Natikka.

On her return to Natikka, she will inquire about Kentuck He reveals his past to you. You will tell what a stubborn, stubborn and obstinate fighter Kentuck was. While you’re talking, a soldier steps in to give you an update on Kentuck’s whereabouts. They explain that the file The flood carried him away to an area known as Gouge.

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Locating and Rescuing Kentokk

Aloy saves Kentuck

To get to Gouge, you’ll need to go to your The hillside is covered in debris And use your trusty Pullcaster to clear the way. Once you clear the entrance, you will do so slope down Rope to find Kentokk in critical condition. Your next goal is to find a way to get him out of there. Find a ventilation holeclimb into it after opening it with your Pullcaster, and then remove a series of obstacles.

Climbing through a chest, you will see another hole and it is a dead end, so there must be another way forward. Moving forward, you’ll see a metal attached to the wall, and pulling it will open a new path for you to grapple on. As you go along your way, you will find a flame of fire You can light it, causing flooding in the area and allowing Kentokk to do so Float to safety.

Finally, you can escape. After reuniting and speaking with Natikka, your side quest, The Deluge, will be complete. With challenging enemies, clever missions, and an amazing storyline, this Horizon Forbidden West side mission takes you on an exciting journey to rescue the survivors.

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