Deep Ellum photography: Danielle Jones’ family speaks to ABC13 after the victim was said to be on vacation to celebrate her son’s grades

Dallas, Texas (KTRK) – A Houston family is desperate for answers after a mother, who was an innocent bystander, was shot and killed in a serious shooting incident.

The mother, identified as Danielle Jones, was in Dallas for spring break with her son when police said a stray bullet penetrated a window and injured her at a bar in the city’s popular Deep Ellum neighborhood.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Mom Houston was an innocent bystander when she shot at a bar in Deep Ellum, Dallas, police say

“I just remember screaming and screaming and screaming,” said Ciara Lasley, Danielle’s older sister. And I just said, “No.”

Lasley took the call in the middle of the night with her 30-year-old little sister being shot.

“My sister must still be here,” said Laslie. “My sister was not a criminal. She was not a bad person.” “It had nothing to do with anything going on there.”

Danielle was standing by the bar window while police say a suspect fired several shots at 37-year-old Ricky Gossett outside.

Gossett died as well.

The Dallas Police Department said the shooter fled the scene and remains at large. Investigators have shared no motive for the killing or whether Jones and the other victim were related.

“I don’t think people understand what bullet force does,” Lasley said. “I don’t think people think twice about the consequences of their actions.”

Jones was a single mother, devoted to her son, Davon Carson Jr., whom she lovingly called “kid”.

Jones and her son were in Dallas to celebrate the 8-year-old’s good grades. They were to go to Six Flags.

“The hardest thing I’ve had to do so far is look my eight-year-old, my nephew, her son, her world, in the eye and tell him his mom isn’t coming back,” Lasley said. .

Jones’ son would be cared for by her five siblings, who pledged to send him to college, and that was his mother’s dream.

“Both of my sisters shaped me into the woman I am today,” said Ebony Jones, Danielle’s younger sister. “If I could say anything to Danielle, I would just want to say, ‘Thank you.'”

The family established a GoFundMe For memorial expenses for Jones and the wellness of her 8-year-old.

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