Final Fantasy TCG unveils the new Dissidia Collection

Square Enix has revealed an all-new Final Fantasy trading card game group groupAnd you will embrace Dissidia. The latest set of Storage Boxes will include new and reprinted cards, and then the Storage Box will contain artwork of Y’shtola from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 4th Anniversary. The deck will contain 118 cards, 98 cards specifically for the customizable deck, with one deck of 50 cards and 48 cards to customize with. It will also include 2 token crystal cards and 18 cards with illustrations from Dissidia Final Fantasy 4th Anniversary. You can find a photo of the new group below, and you can Pre-order here.

The customizable deck will contain the Starter of Fire (23), Ice (23) and Light (4) decks, and includes the Light Bartz (21-134S) and Cosmos (1-183H) cards. You can exchange Fire and Ice cards for the 23 included Wind cards, allowing you to transform your Fire/Ice deck into an Ice/Wind deck. There are also another 25 interchangeable cards, allowing you to further suit your play style.

(Image: Square Enix)

There will be 17 Full Art Standard cards with Dissidia Final Fantasy 4th Anniversary illustrations, such as Warrior of Light (16-127L) and Firion (18-130L) as well as the Premium Foil card of Y’shtoloa (21-036H), at Although that wouldn’t be a Full Art card. This card will be included in the Booster deck that is tentatively set for release in November this year (along with the Standard Full Art edition). Reprints in the collection include Shantotu (16-030L) and Cecil (16-051L), and these will also feature full illustrations. You can find the official description and the new lineup of the new lineup below.

Product contents:

storage box (1)
New player guide (1)
Deck Customization Guide (1)
Total 118 cards (117 standard cards, 1 premium card
Pre-built deck: 50 cards (23 fire, 23 ice, 4 light)
Personalization cards: 48 cards
Pre-made Quick Mod Cards (23 Wind)
Interchangeable cards (9 Fire, 8 Ice, 8 Wind)
“DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY” 4th Anniversary Illustration Cards: 18 Cards (17 Full Art Non-Foil Cards, 1 Premium Foil Y’shtola non-Full Art Card)
Crystal card: 2 cards
Starter Exclusive Cards: 10 types, 3 cards each

Fire element

Onion Knight [21-125S]

clouds [21-126S]

virion [21-127S]

・ Ice element

Shantou [21-128S]

terra [21-129S]

Noctis [21-130S]

・ Wind element

Light warrior [21-131S]

Cecil [21-132S]

Tidus [21-133S]

・ Light item

Bartz [21-134S]

※ One of the cards is a Full Art Standard card.

Reprinted Legendary Cards: 2 types, 2 cards each

Zidane [6-044L]

storm [10-033L]

※ Both cards are standard cards with frames.

◆ DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY 4th Anniversary Illustrated Cards: 17 types, 18 cards

Bartz [12-052H]

Noctis [12-121R]

Lightning [13-081H]

Onion Knight [13-106H]

symbol [13-121R]

clouds [14-065L]

van [14-125L]

terra [15-037L]

Shantou [16-030L]

Cecil [16-051L]

Tidus [16-116L]

Light warrior [16-127L]

virion [18-130L]

witty [19-002L]

Zidane [19-108L]

storm [PR-108]

Y’shtola [21-036H]

※ There are 18 cards in total, including 1 Full Art Standard card per card and 1 Premium Framed card from Y’shtola [21-036H].

Crystal Cards: Two types, one type each

standard cards from [C-001] And [C-002].

The initial release for the Dissidia Final Fantasy Trading Card Collection is October 6th this year, and let us know what you think in the comments. You can also talk to me about all things Final Fantasy on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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