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Horizon Forbidden West is a captivating game that promises adventure and excitement throughout its missions and missions. Apart from the main missions, there are also some interesting collectibles called Vista Points, which add a new layer of intrigue to the game. These 3D images provide a look into the game’s past and allow players to earn rewards as they solve the puzzles associated with each point.

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Finding Vista Points requires some puzzle solving skills, and to complete each point you must first locate the Vista Point Tower and then discover a clue that will help you find the exact location where you can view the hologram. If you’ve been struggling to find Vista points, we’ve got you covered. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to find each tower and complete Vista Points.

All puzzles Vista Point

Are you up for the challenge? there Nine points of the Vista system waiting for you to discover, But locating them is only the first step. Once you’ve found the Vista Point towers, you’ll need to scan each tower to reveal a pixelated image using your focus, and then you can align the unfinished image with the game’s periphery.

Vista Point: Satan

Prepare to be treated to the first Vista Point of your trip. When you get to the tower, Use Trusted Focus to scan it and reveal the cropped image. To complete this puzzle, you will need to make your way to the nearby Crumbled Bridge. Once there, find your way to the ledge and stand upright. With a little skill and a dash of luck, you’ll be able to quickly line up the image and move on to the next vista point.

Vista Point: Plainsong

To get to Plainsong Vista Point, you’ll need to head toward the west of the tower and go up into the rugged mountains. There you need to climb a steep slope. At the top, you will Explore the old Sunwing site. Once you reach the top, make your way to the edge of the land and look towards the broken windmill as a picture before it falls into place like pieces of a puzzle.

Vista Point: Scalding Spur

When you clear the tower, glide through the air toward the west, where you’ll spot another tower Sunwing website. Upon arrival, you will need to cross a temporary bridge built from an old fallen tree to reach the rusty platform. From there, it’s time to align the hologram and complete the Vista Point.

Vista Point: Steel Sands

If you’re looking for the tower that leads to Stillsands Vista Point, you’ll find it sitting on Northern slopes of Hidden Ember. To get started, scan the tower for clues. From there, head north from the tower and make your way to a small cliff. Once there, approach the edge of the broken fence and align the image to complete a file Vista Point puzzle.

Vista Point: Dunhollow

The Vista Tower you are looking for can be found in the ruins below Dunlow, which is located inside Hidden Ember. Your journey will take you through this area as part of the main quest for the Sea of ​​Sand before you come here again.

To get to the tower, slide down the elevator shaft, where you’ll spot it on an old broken bridge. Scan the tower for clues, then head north, where you’ll come across a ladder. Climb up the ladder and, from the edge of the structure, align the picture to complete the puzzle.

Vista Point: The Memorial Grove

You’ll find this Vista Point tower located just north of Memorial Grove. Start by scanning the tower for clues and gathering your directions. Once you have a clear idea of ​​where you are going, cross the river to the east, and take your steps towards the mountain in front of you. keep an eye out for Old metal structure that determines your destination. finally, Align the hologram with the chassis on the shelfand the vista point puzzle will be completed.

Vista Point: The Long Coast

When you clear the Vista Point Tower, you must proceed towards the west side and climb up the rock structure on a small island. Then, upon reaching the top of the structure, point your gaze to the north and align the picture precisely to complete the puzzle.

Vista Point: Shrouded Heights

Shrouded Heights Vista Tower is located at Towers Island It is a unique challenge compared to other Vista Points. To complete this puzzle, it is necessary to dive under the water. When immersed, one can notice plants glowing blue, which serve as a reference point. From this location, align the picture with the building to quickly complete the puzzle.

Vista Point: Abraj Island

The Isle of Spiers Vista Point is the final mystery to be solved. To complete it, one must own a Sunwing, one of the machines in the game obtained by completing the late game mission, Wings of the Ten, which allows the player to fly. Upon reaching the top of the structural metal tower, be careful while crossing the yellow beam. While facing the front, align the picture precisely to successfully complete the puzzle.

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