How to get the Gesbroy Island token

If you’re having trouble getting the code for Gesbroy Island in the Lost Ark, you’ve come to the right place. It may take some time to complete. But it will be worth it in the end as you will be one token closer to the reward you want.

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On this island, there is so much to do and gain. But, this guide should help you through the co-op event on the island which leads to you finally getting the soul of the island. The only question left for you to answer is what reward token you will buy.

Jesbroy Island

You can locate Gesbroy Island on the East Yorn map in the lower left part of the map. This island is always available with the event happening every hour, 20 minutes after the hour. You can check the alarm at the top left of the screen to see when you should start heading to this island. There will be one of three different hourly events that you can do multiple times.

While this may sound simple and quick, It will take a total of 20 days to complete this island and receive the island token Where you can only hand everything over once a day. While you wait, you can also participate in finding all 9 Mokoko Seeds hidden throughout this island. There is also a purple hidden mission, however, you must have the Amazing Buff on your character.

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Gesbroy Island symbol

Lost Ark found a picnic basket on Gesbroy Island near some chests.

You will get the soul of the island once you reach the maximum reputation by doing the Una mission task on the island every day. This daily task will require you to return the picnic baskets to the chef. These picnic baskets are rewarded for participating in an hourly co-op quest chain. There are 3 different missions, and you will receive 5 picnic baskets for each one you complete. When you get further in the quest, you need to return 15 of these baskets. Every time you finish a mission on this island, you will earn 10 for your Una Reputation.

It is recommended that you be at combat level 50 with a level 600 item before participating in the events on this island. To reach level 600, you can use Lost Ark Harmony Shards. To do this, you must complete the North Vern quest line or go to Shushire and complete the entire main quest line.

The good news is that you can participate in these tasks multiple times a day without limits. If you have some time, you can plant these baskets and then bring them all back the next time you’re available. You can only do the same daily task once a day, so in total, this will take you 20 days to complete. To save time, even if the assignment says 5 picnic baskets, this may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly. Farming won’t make the 20-day event faster, but it will help you prepare, so you can get your island spirit when the time comes.

You can access Una’s task list by pressing Alt + J to see which tasks you have to complete. If you complete the first level, you will get 20,000 silver, the second level will receive 30,000 silver, and the third level will give you 51,000 silver. One of the collaborative events is called The Secret of the Sweet Beer. For this, you must beat the dough that appears. If your attacks move you backwards, stand in the middle of the circle and dough will spawn on top of you, preventing you from moving, so you can attack continuously. The reward for this event is 300 survival coins, 5 picnic baskets, 70 XP, and around 531 silver. For the main mission, you must go around the island collecting shrimp and baskets for chef Fran.

Island code rewards

The Lost Ark speaks to Grandpa Overher to exchange the island's tokens for rewards and focus on the Gienahs Protection bonus.

Throughout the islands you will find more than 90 island icons. As a result, you will have 19 island rewards to choose from. Each reward increases in price in increments of 5, with the most expensive being worth 95 tokens.

  • A larger dose to increase the condition – 5 island tokens
  • Code: threat – 10 island tokens
  • Uncommon wooden compass – 15 island tokens
  • Greater skill potion – 20 island tokens
  • Mount: Golden Moss Turtle – 25 token islands
  • Masterpiece #3 – 30 island tokens
  • The dance: the dance wave – 35 token islands
  • Luminous aquamarine (compass upgrade) – 40 island tokens
  • Gene protection (Increases Relationship) – 45 Island Tokens
  • protection (Skill rune) – 50 island tokens
  • Masterpiece #22 – 55 token islands
  • Secret map (Adventure: Giant Shell) – 60 island tokens
  • ocean aquamarine – 65 token islands
  • Temple: Statue of the Goddess of Harmony – 70 token islands
  • Masterpiece #38 – 75 island tokens
  • Shipskin: Tortoise Orange – 80 island tokens
  • Secret map (Adventure: Ice Statue of a Woman) – 85 island tokens
  • Tidal aquamarine – 90 island tokens
  • Raccoon statue – 95 token islands

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