Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 developer teases an exciting new feature

Looks like Insomniac Games has stirred up something interesting for her Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games has been around for many years now and has consistently won the love of gamers with its Ratchet and Clank series, Resistance, and a number of other games of various scales. However, Insomniac really earned its claim to fame when it was made Spider-Man from Marvel, a game that achieved massive commercial and critical success with many praising the web-bosses’ final adventure. Many felt it was the best game the character had seen since Spider-Man 2 on PS2 thanks to its impressive gameplay, touching cinematic story, and exciting set pieces. It has left many eagerly anticipating the sequel, and later this year, we’ll all get a chance to play it.

We really don’t know much about the sequel outside of the fact that it will feature Venom, possibly Kraven, and see Peter Parker team up with Miles Morales in a proper fashion this time around. However, during Recently broadcast Insomniac games (via TwistedVoxel), lead engine programmer Elan Ruskin left the idea that there are some “very cool” dialogue techniques in the next game, namely Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Of course, this could just be some stuff going on under the hood that no one would really notice, but it seems like something noticeable to point out. Are there dialogue options? Does the dialogue change depending on whether you’re playing as Peter or Miles? There are multiple routes to take who knows!

If the black suit has a role in the story, it could act as a moral system of sorts. That’s more or less how it works network of shadows, so maybe people will treat Spider-Man differently based on whether he wears the black suit more than the classic red and blue. Either way, it looks like there will be more layers Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 than its predecessor.

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