Naruto takes back the throne after dropping Boruto’s best episode yet

The finals of the Boruto series mid series are just around the corner, and of course the anime is gearing up for its big launch. Earlier this year, fans learned that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations would be stepping away from television and putting its anime on an indefinite hiatus. With that hiatus closing in, Boruto has begun airing a new episode this week to restore his reputation, and Episode 292 did not disappoint.

As you can see below, Boruto came out with some of the best animations so far this week. The sequel continued with Code’s arrival in the Hidden Leaf, but his presence didn’t go unnoticed for long. Last week, the show pitted Boruto and Kawaki against the remaining Kara member, and Boruto episode 292 took that fight to a new level.

After all, fans watched Boruto find himself possessed by the spirit within him. Momoshiki went up to the roof to confront Kawaki, and the poor guy barely had a chance. Only when Momoshiki rolled his eyes at Naruto did Kawaki regain his strength, and the karma user was quick to challenge Boruto to a fight. The battle featured some of Boruto’s most dynamic animations yet as the reel’s hand-to-hand combat really shined. But by the end of the episode, Naruto is left to look on in horror as his eldest child sacrifices his life to stop Momoshiki.

Of course, the fatal cliffhanger was brutal, but Boruto tried to soften the shock by grieving even things out. Naruto is seen looking completely devastated from the blow, and you can’t blame him. The Hokage watched his adopted son kill Boruto in an attempt to stop Momoshiki, and Boruto let it happen. Back in the day, the Boruto manga raised all kinds of tears with this cliffhanger, so it won’t be long before the anime deals with the consequences.

Thanks to this final episode of the Boruto anime, all eyes are on Episode 293. The release promises to bring this cliffhanger to some resolution, and will also see Boruto’s final episode until his return. At this point, no information has been released about when Boruto will return, but netizens admit that this hiatus has been coming for a long time. During the anime’s hiatus, Boruto’s manga can produce backlogs of content for the anime to process in the future, and fans hope the show returns as time goes on for our heroes.

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