Oura’s latest update will improve sleep and direct energy usage to improve daily productivity

Although Oura is a household name in the wearable space, the health and fitness market is filled with hundreds of different options. But if you want one of the best health wearables that’s also discrete, Oura makes one of the few options out there. While the hardware doesn’t change, the company is improving on its latest Ring model, introducing improved sleep-tracking features, giving users more in-depth data and metrics, which could potentially allow them to improve their sleep quality, energy, and more.

While the updates are being announced today, the company states that it will take some time to roll them out to all of their customers. Perhaps one of the most exciting new features to debut is the Body Clock. The Body Clock will allow users to maximize the time they spend each day better by optimizing schedules to improve sleep, which will increase energy levels, and will also be able to guide users to utilize their time when it is best to focus, start an activity, and more.

Furthermore, with all this data in hand, Oura will begin assigning users a Chronotype, or as the company explains letting users know if they are an “early bird vs. a night owl.” Again, knowing this, the app will allow users to maximize their energy, by suggesting when to do certain activities and when they should sleep. For this reason, the sleep score will now take into account different types of sleep patterns as well.

There will also be a “sleep regularity” dataset which will show how consistent the user’s sleep was over a two-week period. And to make the data easier to understand, Oura will expand its color classification system from good and bad, respectively green and red, and will now also include a yellow middle ground. Updates are always good for staying ahead of the curve, and although there is relatively little competition, things could heat up soon, if Samsung really enters the market.

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