The Battlegrounds 2023 roadmap includes rank changes and a new map

Krafton has released a new roadmap for PUBG: Battlegrounds sharing its development plans and introducing some of the exciting features that are currently being implemented. The roadmap for 2023 includes changes to normal and ranked modes, map rotation, gun manipulation, and a brand new map, codenamed Neon. Other updates include new progressive skins, changes to the UX/UI, and an improved reporting system.

Starting with the Ranked Play updates, the development team will introduce changes in order to maintain the live service and break the ranked mode away from stagnant play. All existing 8km maps will apply to Ranked mode, with new maps released after installation. Players will also be able to find items and features that were only available in normal matches, such as the folded shield, emergency pickup, and blue zone bomb. In addition, ranked mode rewards will be boosted, providing more incentives for players to take on new challenges each season.


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For regular matches, Krafton will focus on this mode for the rest of 2023. The development team aims to reduce stress and increase enjoyment by providing a variety of content. Item spawn rates will be boosted to adjust the total balance of the blue zone. An entirely new resurrection system will be introduced, Crafton explained, to “ease the frustration and burden of dying after a long period of cultivation.” In the official blog post.

Elsewhere, a tactical equipment overhaul is also planned, while Miramar, Taego, Vikendi, and some smaller maps like Karakin and Paramo will be included in the eight map rotation. However, only four maps will be rotated each month for ranked mode instead of applying all maps at once. Speaking of maps, Crafton revealed a new map codenamed Neon, which combines modern and traditional elements. It will contain a number of POIs ranging from skyscrapers to rural areas that “create a truly unique atmosphere not previously seen in PUBG.”

Finally, the development team will research and develop underbarrel attachments, adding a new mechanism in hopes of making gameplay more interesting. Playing with guns will allow players to make more strategic choices with weapons they have not used as often.

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