amazing! The $99 PS5 SSD is one of the best gaming deals of the year

This year has already seen an excellent tidal wave PS5 SSD dealsbut Amazon blew the competition away by offering huge savings on the top-rated Samsung 980 Pro.

now , Samsung 980 Pro 1TB is on sale for $99 at Amazon (Opens in a new tab). That’s more than half its full retail price of $229 (though it normally sells for around $159). It should come as no surprise that this is the lowest price ever for this type of hard drive from Samsung, and even better is the model that comes with a heatsink and is a requirement for any PS5 compatible drive.

The Samsung 980 Pro is a practically permanent fixture in our roundup The Best PS5 Internal Solid State Drives. And while it hasn’t been granted official license status by Sony as the WD_Black SN850 has been, Samsung itself has confirmed that it’s fully compatible with the PS5 console. This is because the Samsung 980 Pro comfortably caters to all Sony specifications (Opens in a new tab) for PS5 SSD.

If your Samsung test doesn’t put you at ease, there are hundreds of live accounts online from PS5 owners who use this SSD in their console with no problems whatsoever. So, this is definitely a PS5 drive that you can buy with complete confidence.

Even better, as noted above, Amazon has discounted the model that comes with a heatsink pre-installed. This is important because Sony advises that any SSD added to the PS5’s storage expansion slot must have a heatsink to prevent it from overheating. You can buy the Samsung 980 Pro standalone and attach a third-party heatsink yourself. But by buying it pre-assembled, you save yourself a lot of hassle and get a solid state drive ready out of the box.

Another great advantage of having an internal PS5 SSD installed in your console is that it doesn’t require removing your hard drive. This means if you add a 1TB Samsung SSD to your PS5, you’ll get all that extra storage along with the 667GB of space that comes as standard. With nearly 1.6TB of hard drive space, you’ll have plenty of room to install dozens of The best PS5 games – And you’ll likely have space left for upcoming releases like Dead Island 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Buying a PS5 SSD was a very expensive investment — I paid over $270 for a Western Digital 1TB model in 2021 — but prices have dropped dramatically in recent months, and this Samsung 980 Pro deal is the best deal we’ve spotted so far. However, if you want more storage to play with Amazon is selling this 2TB Cosair PS5 SSD for just $154. This is the cheapest price for a 2TB PS5 SSD we’ve ever seen.

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