Counter-Strike 2 Officially Revealed and Limited Test Announcement

Counter Strike 2 Officially revealed by Valve on Wednesday, it’s a game presented as an evolution of what’s already one of the most popular (if not the most popular) first-person shooters of all time. This new take on counter strike Not only does it consist of a number of updated features, but it’s intended to be “an overhaul of every system, every piece of content, every part of the CS experience,” Valve says. A few of these updated features have been shown off in new gameplay along with the announcement and reveal for limited testing starting today. The game itself is set to release in the summer and will be a free upgrade for those who own it Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

revealing of Counter Strike 2 It was preceded by a number of teasers and updates via Steam that hinted at such an announcement. A couple of videos discussing Counter Strike 2 Live Wednesday on Valve’s YouTube channels, and shortly thereafter, the official counter strike The Twitter account has started tweeting about the new game and sharing more details.

In a new site set up for the game, Valve called it “the biggest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike history.” Improvements to things like tick rates, maps, and smoke bombs were shown in some of the videos revealed on Wednesday. Valve says this is just a taste of the updated game’s features, but a limited test published this week will allow players to experience them first hand.

“All of the game’s new features will be revealed when it officially launches this summer, but the road to Counter-Strike 2 begins today as a limited test for select CS:GO players.” Valve said. “During this testing period, we will evaluate a subset of features to eliminate any issues prior to the global release.”

It seems that accessing this test is not as easy as entering an email or submitting a request. Valve says it picks people based on factors like recent play time, “trust factor,” and the standing of your Steam account. If you are selected to participate in the test, you will receive a notification at CS:GO menu. More players will be added over time, so you may not get in right away.

“Limited testing only assesses a subset of Counter-Strike 2’s features, so major issues can be resolved before summer. But there’s more to come,” Valve said in conclusion. “In just a few months we’ll be revealing all the details of Counter-Strike 2, and we can’t wait to share them with you.”

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