Super Meat Boy Forever gets a mobile release date

Super Meat Boy Forever on iOS and Android devices, and fans eager to play the game on the go won’t have to wait long to do so! According to Thunderful Games, Super Meat Boy Forever It will be available on both platforms April 20th. From the YouTube video description, it appears that this will be the same experience gamers were treated to on console in 2020. Ironically, Super Meat Boy Forever It was originally planned as a spin-off of the original game, but Team Meat decided to make it a full sequel instead. After a long journey, the game will finally be released on mobile as originally envisioned!

trailer for Super Meat Boy Forever On mobile it can be found below.

in Super Meat Boy ForeverAnd Meat Boy and Bandage Girl find themselves on a mission to save their baby Nugget. The baby girl has been kidnapped by Dr. Vitus, and the two must work together to save her. Unlike the original Super Meat BoyAnd Super Meat Boy Forever It is an auto-runner, where players control the jumps and punches of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, unlike the rest of their moves. It’s a pretty big deviation, but looks like it might be a good fit for a mobile format!

the original Super Meat Boy He was notoriously difficult, and Super Meat Boy Forever No exception. Those who get into the game should expect an intense challenge, and a lot of deaths that will occur as a result. Some reviewers found the difficulty level a bit unfair compared to the first game, with unexpected risks without much time to prepare. Obviously, this type of gameplay won’t appeal to everyone, and mobile fans looking for something fun and casual might want to look elsewhere. However, for players who don’t mind too much difficulty, Super Meat Boy Forever It must be an entertaining experience.

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