Thoma Best Builds, Weapons and Teams

Kamisato’s housekeeper, Thoma joined the Genshin Impact roster in 2.2, and since the release of Dendro in 3.0, Thoma has become one of the Best units to use in Burgeon teams While also being a strong defense player for normal, attack-focused units such as Yoimiya or Kamisato Ayato.

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With that in mind, Thoma has a number of designs you can play on it, so here’s how to build your own Thoma.

Thomas Best Builds & Artifact Sets

Thoma can work in Sub-DPS but is usually outclassed by Xiangling. However, he is a A huge enabler for Bergen And his stacking shields can become some of the strongest in the game.


4 pieces of gilded dreams

Gilded Dreams does well on Thoma in Burgeon teams, And the combination with Deepwood Memories gave her domain a good value for cultivation. 2 pcs From this set gives fitted character +80 elemental mastery, And the piece will give 4 additional pieces 14% ATK on each character of the same item type At the party, while also giving 50 elemental buffs for each character of a different elemental type in the party.

This is useful for burgeon Thoma, since a growing cast usually has Thoma as the only Pyro character to not overdo the Pyro and accidentally trigger Burning. And the item mastery bonuses will increase the damage done to Burgeon’s reflexes.

4 pieces of lost paradise flower

The Lost Flower of Paradise will increase the damage to Thoma Bergion’s reflexes. However, the City of Gold domain did not have the same cultivation value as the Spire of Solitary Enlightenment, so you might not have many artifacts on hand. As with gilded dreams, The 2-pack will increase your Elemental Mastery by 80and the 4-Piece will give a damage bonus to Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon reflexes. In addition, after triggering one of these interactions, RYou will get an additional 25% bonus.; Each of these packets lasts 10 seconds and will stack up to 4 times. These effects can only be activated once every second and can still be activated off the field.

4pcs die cut emblem

If Xiangling is not available, Thoma can be played as a Sub-DPS for vape teams with the Severed Fate emblem. 2-piece bonus increases energy recharge by 20%, But the group lights up then A 4-piece bonus, which increases the wearer’s Elemental Burst damage by 25% from the energy recharge, up to 75% max damage bonus. Thoma is a very power-hungry unit, so this deck is really useful for getting energy while increasing DPS from your Elemental Burst.

For protection, it requires Thoma More HP to increase his armor strength. So, you can power it up with 2-Piece Tenacity of the Millelith, 2-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate, or even 4-Piece Tenacity of the Millelith.

Thoma’s stats will vary depending on the role and the team you want to play for. For example, a Thoma the tower enabler may build a complete mastery of the elementswhile a Shielder may build full HP, or DPS sub will build like any normal DPS sub. Thoma will always need some power ups to recharge, as he is very hungry for energy and relies on impulse.

the tool

The main statistic


Eon sands

Item Proficiency, HP%, Attack%

Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Health, Attack, Crit Rate, Critical Damage

Eonothem Cup

Item Mastery, HP %, Pyro DMG Bonus

Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Health, Attack, Crit Rate, Critical Damage

Logos circle

Item Proficiency, HP%, Critical Rate, Critical Damage

Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, Health, Attack, Crit Rate, Critical Damage

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Thoma’s best 5-star and 4-star weapons

Genshin Impact Thoma Best Weapon Sweeping Lightning, Homa Staff, Kitian Cross Spear, The Catch

As mentioned before, Thoma is very hungry for energy, So any of the free Energy Recharge weapons you can get like Favonius Lance will be very useful to him, but here are some of the most efficient weapons you can get for him.

5-Star Weapons: Sweeping Lightning and Homa Crew

Lightning sweeps He will be powerful on the 4-piece Shattered Fate Emblem of Thoma build and will help a lot in recharging his energy. At level 90, the Attack base – 608and her Energy recharge stats of 55.1%. negative will Increases attack by 28% from recharge over base 100%.. This bonus can be up to a maximum of 80%. It will also increase your energy recharge by 30% after using the initial burst. Engulfing Lightning is the signature weapon of the Raiden Shogun and is available on the weapon banners next to it.

Homa crew Is a good choice for Thoma as Sub-DPS. At level 90, it contains a file Attack base 608 with Sub-stat Critical Damage at 66.2%. In addition, you will Max HP increased by 20% And Increases attack by 0.8% from max healthwhich will increase by 1% of max health if the character is below 50% of max health.

The Crit DMG Sub-stat is a great basic crutch for Thoma, while the HP boost is useful for strengthening Thoma’s armor.

The Homa Staff is Hu Tao’s signature weapon and will run on weapon banners next to it.

4-star weapons: Kitian Cross Spear & The Catch

Ketian crossed the spear It’s easy to get from crafting and is surprisingly good on Thoma. At level 90, the Basic ATK is at 565 And her 110-Item Mastery Substatistic. The weapon will Increased elemental skill damage by 6%.and when the character uses an elemental skill, They will lose 3 energy and regenerate 3 energy every 2 seconds for the next 6 seconds (to regenerate 9 energy). This can happen once every 10 seconds and can still take effect when the character is out of the field.

As mentioned earlier, this weapon can be crafted after unlocking the recipe in Inazuma.

Due to energy loss when casting an elemental skill, Players must avoid using their elemental skill before using elemental dash.

the hunt It is a simple and useful weapon for any character. At level 90, the Attack base – 510 with the Energy Recharge Stats 45.9%. In refinement rank 5, simply passive Increases elemental explosion damage by 32% and elemental explosion rate by 12%..

The catch, along with its refining materials, can be obtained from Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma in exchange for fish.

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The best combinations of Team Thoma

Genshin Impact Thoma Burgeon Team, Kamisato Ayato, Dendro Traveler, Fischl

The best Bergen team

Thoma acts as an extremely powerful enabler for Burgeon with coordinated pyro attacks from his blast. Dendro Traveler can be a Dendro application, While Kamisato uses Ayato Hydro and uses normal attacks to trigger Thoma Burst, Create Seed Bloom and Stimulate Bergon. The final member can be a flexible character like Hydro App, Dendro, or even a wizard. Fischl will also work fine Aggravated Activation/Diffusion will increase team damage without interfering with Burgeon. She will also be able to help Thoma recharge the energy.

Kamisato Ayato can be replaced with another Hydro Applier such as Sangonomiya Kokomi or Tartaglia. Or you can use an on-field Dendro application such as Alhaitham or Yaoyao with an off-field Hydro application such as Yelan or Xingqiu.

Dendro Traveler can be replaced by Nahida for an easier and more efficient Dendro app as well as many of the improvements the party gains from the Elemental Burst.

Best normal offensive team

Because of how Thoma’s Elemental Burst works, it’s a good option or Sub-DPS option for characters like Yoimiya or Kamisato Ayato if other options like Zhongli or Xiangling aren’t available. In this example, Thoma’s Burst protects Yoimiya from being damaged and cut off, while Yun Jin’s blast increases the damage of Yoimiya’s normal attacks, And Xingqiu provides additional water damage as well as some vaporization reactions. You can also replace Yun Jin with Yelan if he’s available to deal a lot of water damage with Yoimiya’s standards and make recharging the energy of both Hydro characters much easier.

For Kamisato Ayato’s team, you can replace Xingqiu with Xiangling to power up Vaporize.

Thoma’s Elemental Burst can only be triggered by normal attacks, which means characters like Hu Tao or Yanfei won’t trigger it as much as Yoimiya.

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