My Hero Academy is getting its own cute teddy bear line

My Hero Academia has received a lot of merchandise thanks to the popularity of anime and manga. As the manga draws to a close while Deku and his classmates at UA Academy stare down the full force of the All For One armies, a new line of adorable teddy bears transform the heroes in a whole new way. Landing in Japan this summer, the teddy bear line includes the likes of Deku, Bakugo, All Might, Shoto Todoroki, and Uravity to name a few.

My Hero Academia Season 6 is coming to a close, as Deku is pulled from an abyss thanks to his stint as a dark hero. While the heroes may have won the supernatural war of liberation, Shigaraki was able to take advantage of Deku and his friends’ various injuries by breaking free not only All For One but countless other villains who had been locked away. The community of heroes is collapsing not only because of the villains’ rampage, but because of the loss of trust that has arrived among the civilian population thanks to the revelations of Dabi and other enemies. while the My hero academy The manga looks to end the heroes’ march, and readers wonder if the heroes or villains will prevail.

7-11 stores in Japan will offer teddy bears this summer which are designed using some designs My Hero Academia The biggest heroes. When the bears arrive this June, they will retail for just under $30 a piece, though there’s no word on whether convenience stores in the West will offer them as well. It would be hard to imagine what the villains would look like if they were turned into teddy bears.

For now, creator Kohei Horikoshi hasn’t said if the series will continue via sequels and/or spin-offs once the manga ends. In fact, the mangaka has stated in the past that if he continued creating manga stories, he would love to try his hand at a horror story, which would be a departure from the superhero demeanor he’s most known for. Needless to say that the characters My hero academy We’ll miss it when the series decides to put a lid on the Hero Society story.

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