The Google Pixel Tablet leak gives us our best look yet at the mysterious dock accessory

It’s been almost a year now since we first got the official reveal of Google’s Pixel Tablet. Since then, the company has shared more information about the device, showing it off at the Made By Google event at the end of last year. During the presentation, the company gave the world a detailed look at its design, processor, and even its charging speaker dock that would allow the tablet to transform into a smart display. Now, we get a better look at the dock, along with new details on how it will interact with the upcoming tablet.

As you can see from the photos, the dock looks similar to the version we saw late last year, featuring a cloth like material wrapped around the device and a single power port on the back. While there are reports of two different docks being developed, it is not clear if this is the base charging speaker or just the charging variant. In addition to the newly leaked renders, the folks at 9to5Google He uncovered some new information with a deep dive into the APK, revealing that when the tablet is docked, it will activate something called Hub Mode. This will not only allow content to be streamed from the Pixel Tablet, but it will also allow content to be streamed to the device as well.

As far as Google shares, the charging headset dock will give users a new experience while keeping the tablet charged. Most obviously, you’ll get a more powerful audio experience, but you’ll also get easy access to a number of smart home features, which are supported by Android. When docked, the tablet will also provide a personal screensaver experience pulling in images from Google Photos. Additionally, Google shared that it took care of the magnets built into the base of the charging buds, which give them the right amount of grip when the tablet is docked, but also allow users to easily pull out the tablet when it’s time to use it. going.

How much this device will be released is anyone’s guess. But with Google I/O just around the corner, there’s a good chance we’ll see the device officially “debut” at the event.

source: 9to5GoogleAnd snoopy tech (Twitter)

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