Top 10 characters in the series, ranked

The Resident Evil series is full of stories and content for us to explore. Taken through haunting environments and drawn into whirlwinds of intrigue, it’s almost impossible to find a dull moment in these games. Fortunately, we never have to experience all of this alone, as we are accompanied and introduced by an impressive cast of characters.

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Whether you play with these characters or encounter them along the way, there is no doubt that the extent of their influence on us throughout the game will always be limitless. In other words, they are simply iconic characters who are the heart of Resident Evil. But, with so many of them in the series, which one captures our hearts the most?

10 Karl Heisenberg

Little is known about Karl Heisenberg’s past. As the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil 8: Village, he’s a force to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to try and finally take you down. Heisenberg’s cruelty stems from her kidnapping by Mother Miranda, who she later judges is not the ideal vessel for her late daughter, Eva.

Tall with long, gray black hair, Heisenberg is an intelligent character with good intentions at heart. He strives to break free from Miranda’s clutches, and can be seen as an anti-hero. But he, on the other hand, is still a villain who turns into a terrifying enemy out of his rage at losing his army at the hands of Ethan Winters.

9 Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2

Being the younger sister of Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield unfortunately isn’t as prominent in the series post-Resident Evil 2. She’s a strong character, dedicating her career to combating the threat of bio-organic weapons. Claire seems to care about the people around her, and works hard to fight off any evil forces that get in her way.

Although she has been seen in other games in the franchise, the spotlight is really on her in Resident Evil 2. We get to experience her daring nature and see how ruthless her character really is. With that said, Claire clearly deserves more justice and recognition in the series.

8 Mia Winters

Mia Winters from Resident Evil 8: Village

Mia Winters is so much more than just the wife of Ethan Winters. She has a past of being a former operative for The Connections and worked as Evelyn’s “caretaker”. After being taken in by the Baker family, she was trapped there for years until we finally rescued her in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Later in the series, she gives birth to Mia Rose, who later becomes the main focus of Resident Evil 8: Village. But Mia was kidnapped again and used as an experiment by Mother Miranda. All in all, she is a tragic figure but a very mysterious one at the same time. We beg to know about Mia, her secretive nature slowly unraveling over time.

7 Mrs. Dimitrescu

Mrs. Dimitrescu and her three daughters stand behind her (Resident Evil 8)

Also known as Alcina Dimitrescu, Lady Dimitrescu is one of the most likable characters in Resident Evil 8: Village. Not to mention how quickly she became the face of the game even before it came out. She’s an incredible villain, and her backstory is a complex tragedy because she went through a genetic mutation that only made her a failure of Mother Miranda.

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Besides her vampire-like tendencies, her nine-foot-tall stature and razor-sharp claws only scratch the surface of what makes her a terrifying figure to contend with. She holds Bella, Cassandra, and Daniela very dearly. Although, in fact, they are not her biological daughters. Because of this, it’s hard not to sympathize with her deathly rage after their deaths.

6 Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters with a dark face (Resident Evil series)

It’s hard to pinpoint just one reason why Ethan Winters has been firmly established as a memorable character in the Resident Evil franchise. He stops at nothing to protect the ones he loves, and it’s strange (but incredible) how few will stop him from trying to save Mia and Rose. Even if his arm was cut off.

One of the great mysteries in Resident Evil is Ethan Winters’ powers. There are theories as to why his body is strangely able to regenerate, the likely reason being that he might be a mutant. Regardless, despite never seeing his face, Resident Evil fans tend to be very fond of Ethan. He is quick-witted and cunning, which makes him an interesting character to communicate with.

5 Ada Wong

Ada Wong with walkie-talkie (Resident Evil 2)

This enigmatic character captured our hearts the second he appeared on screen. She was first seen in Resident Evil 2, and we get to explore more of her personality in Resident Evil 4. Because of her private nature, we hardly know anything about her. Not to mention what made her reside in the same place as Leon Kennedy.

Trying to get Ada’s story right isn’t easy. Finding context and information about it is complex, and it changes in many directions. However, this is just a basic reason why Ada is such a great character. It’s exciting to see her on screen, and her mystical personality enchants audiences.

4 Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield carrying Rose (Resident Evil 8)

It’s comical how easy it is to make fun of Chris Redfield. An iconic example is when he punches a rock in Resident Evil 5 to save his partner, Sheva Alomar. This is not to say that he is not an essential and interesting character in the series.

Chris is deeply dedicated to removing bio-organic weapons. Nothing could stop him, and his superhuman strength alone is inexplicable. All in all, we greatly appreciate him at the end of the day, because he’s an incredible resource for Ethan Winters’ survival. Chris may seem like he’s very hard on everyone at first, but he does it to protect the people he cares about.

3 Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker with his sunglasses (Resident Evil series)

Since he first injected himself with the Prototype virus, Albert Wesker has become a very powerful character. His glowing red eyes display the harsh side effects of the virus, and his superhuman abilities are nothing to scoff at. Simply put, he is an intimidating character that should not be ignored.

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Albert plays a huge role in many characters’ lives in one way or another. He has a scary legacy of only being loyal to himself, but he still plays such a prominent role to others. In terms of being an antagonist in the series, he’s someone that many players would find to be a fearsome villain.

2 Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 1

Jill Valentine is one of the best characters in Resident Evil. Besides being many gamers’ first impression of the series, she was also the first playable female character in a survival horror video game. Jill is highly respected among her peers for how skilled and prepared she is for any problem.

She stands her ground when it comes to her beliefs, knowing deep down what’s right and how she can do everything efficiently, even when the outcome seems bleak. Overall, Jill has been there with the fans since the beginning. We look to her for guidance, and her compassion and determination lead many of us to absolutely adore her.

1 Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy in police uniform (Resident Evil 2)

Of all the other characters in the Resident Evil franchise, it’s no shock that Leon Kennedy is one of the greatest. It is the heart of the series. Its slick design and sarcastic attitude make a great impression on Resident Evil as a whole.

When you generally think of Resident Evil, you most likely picture Leon Kennedy. He captures the essence of gaming camps, and his skills are so beyond amazing that you’ll feel lucky to have his abilities on your side. Leon faced horrific hardships that got him to where he is now. And based on how he appears in the games, it’s clear that he’s going to be a great character in the series for years to come.

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