A fertility expert and advocate for egg freezing discusses the pros and cons of egg freezing

byChaco Liu, Eduardo Sanchez, and Dana Langer

Friday, March 24, 2023 14:48 PM

Fertility expert and egg freezing advocate discuss the procedure

New York — Over the past few years, egg freezing has grown in popularity; During 2020, egg freezing procedures were estimated in the United States It increased by almost 40% compared to pre-pandemic numbers. So, ABC Localish is on a mission to help viewers answer the question, “Should I freeze my eggs?” With insight from Dr. James Griveaux, director of programs at NYU Engon Fertility Center, and Serena Kerrigan, an influencer who recently froze her eggs and eagerly advocates online for more education on the topic.

Delia Bonescu is a 36-year-old social media consultant who is currently considering freezing her eggs. On this episode of “Should I?” Paunescu sits down with Dr. Grifo and Kerrigan to learn more about the procedure including information about its cost, invasiveness, and success rate. Watch the full episode to find out Paunescu’s final decision!


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