Growing together changes children for the better

The Sims 4 has finally made parenthood as rewarding (and intense) as a sim can get. Adding a brand new life stage with Patch 142 was one thing, but the all-new Growing Together expansion adds a plethora of ways to reward you for caring for and interacting with your new baby Sims.

All that being said, raising kids so pixels is no easy. However, it’s much more fun when you’re the one causing trouble. Infant Sims are completely controllable, and although they can’t do much at first, as you work with them on their motor skills and teach them to babble, you open up more and more ways to interact with the world.


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And that means you’re opening up more and more ways to cause utter chaos. Once, I made my baby crawl all the way uphill, only to decide she was too scared to come back down. You can choose to cry at any moment for no particular reason at all, and making that happen directly is definitely more rewarding than dealing with the consequences unexpectedly. So, if you fancy bursting into tears to make your mom rush over to your side, throw away the dinner she was making and interrupt a totally cute moment between your parents? You can do all that and more — you can even pull off the “wait till dad changes your diaper to pee” gambit (and open a milestone for that).

But as amazing as it is, there is also So Many beautiful moments to experience. It was such a pleasure watching my baby try foods for the first time, and i was surprised that she developed likes and dislikes so quickly. The homemade hummus was a favorite, as was the lemon puree (surprisingly), but she couldn’t stand the mashed peas. She gets a milestone as she blows a kiss to her grandfather as he plays with her, and soon she’s pulling herself up as best she can, moving around her room to her playset with surprising ease.

Growing Together also introduces quirks to your kids. It’s completely random, and it makes each child truly unique. Some babies develop into messy eaters – they can’t keep their faces clean whether they’re eating finger foods or mashed carrots. It turned out early on that my baby is totally lovable She was held, and while that made it easier to get positive Moodlets, it also meant that she was more likely to cry if she wasn’t held as often. This proves to be problematic because, apparently, good parenting in The Sims places your child on a play mat on the floor whenever you’re done holding them.

Parental bugs aside, I love this new parenting layer in The Sims 4. Back in the day, kids seemed a little one-dimensional, even if they were little kids. Newborns still don’t do much besides cry and eat (which is fair enough), but the addition of an infant’s life stage makes the transition between newborn and baby more natural and decidedly more chaotic.

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