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This week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live takes fans back to the 1982 Milton Keynes Bowl, with action-packed footage of the group performing Tie Your Mother Down. The show was part of the band’s Hot Space Tour, in support of their tenth studio album, and demanded a performance at one of the UK’s largest open spaces with a suitable scene.

On Tie Your Mother Down, Sir Brian told Absolute Radio: β€œIt’s built around an incline I’ve been kicking for a long time.” I pretty much know where I first played. It was on top of a volcanic ridge in Tenerife where I was doing my PhD studies. I had a little acoustic guitar that I bought in Santa Cruz, and I remember hitting that sing and enjoying the feeling of the strings being flexed. And I just sat there watching the sunset and singing along.”

Next week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live is called Queen: We Are The Champions.

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