Steve McQueen’s acting was criticized by his co-star | Movies | entertainment

Things were even worse when McQueen and Paul Newman starred in the B-movie classic The Towering Inferno, as Doug Roberts, engineer of the glass tower and Michael O’Halloran, chief of the SFFD’s 5th Battalion, along with fellow listeners William Holden, Faye Dunaway. and Fred Astaire.

McQueen and Dunaway make it clear that they will not get close to the visitors, alienating the rest of the cast, and then the male star explodes with anger when his rivalry with Newman comes to a head.

The actor was vociferously livid when he found out his rival had a grand total of twelve more lines than he did.

In response, Newman responded by saying that McQueen was a “s**t chicken!” Soon, things turned from fierce anger to infernal hostility…


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