The Laptop Framework scales the scale and AMD CPU options join the mix

During today’s Framework Next Level event, Framework announced updated versions of its laptops. There are two big stories that emerge from the event. The first is upgrades to the newly rebranded Framework 13 laptop (essentially the old Framework laptop), which now comes in options for AMD Ryzen 7040 Series CPUs, and 13th Gen Intel CPUs. However, the bigger news is a new model coming next year, the Framework Laptop 16, aimed at gamers and those who need a high-performance modular system.

Although the branding on the main Framework Laptop has changed to Framework Laptop 13, the ideals are the same. You can purchase a new AMD Ryzen 7040 series motherboard (Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 options) and upgrade any existing Framework laptop because they share the same architecture. You’ll also need to consider parts compatibility when swapping boards from Intel models. according to the edge, The framework indicated that you’ll have to upgrade to DDR5-RAM, as well as compatible Wi-Fi cards, and expansion cards, but the theory is that everything should work just fine. But in terms of performance, considering that this AMD CPU features Zen 4 CPU cores along with RDNA3 architecture, this definitely seems like a huge upgrade.

Pre-orders for the new AMD parts, as well as the Framework Laptop 13 itself, are now open on the Framework website, though it appears to be running slowly at the time of publication, and requires a refundable $100 deposit.

If you wish, you can also purchase a newly announced 13th Gen Intel motherboard for the Framework laptop as well. There are now options for either the Intel Core i5-1340P or Intel Core i7-1360P. The framework indicated that these new CPUs could be more efficient on battery life, up to 20-30 percent. Of course, you can also buy your actual laptop and configure it with that CPU if you choose. Unlike the AMD variant, these models use DDR4-3200 memory.


As for this Framework 16 laptop, it seems to be one of the most high-performance gaming laptops to date. The tire didn’t go into a lot of detail or information about pre-orders or specifications. Instead, it promised to provide more information later this spring before a “late 2023” release. From what the edge You’ve learned that the laptop comes with six expansion card modules, and there’s a new input module system that lets you swap out the keyboard and touchpad. The Framework also worked on a high-power bi-directional PCI-x8 interface for the laptop, thermal module, and GPU. You will be able to swap out some of these components from the back of the laptop. Check it out below.

Some small announcements today include some new market segments. You can find a 61Wh battery, as well as a new display assembly with a matte top coat.

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