Engaging Fire Emblem: Best Clan Builds

In older Fire Emblem titles, reclassification options such as second seals were not available because characters were meant to be played in the class they were in when they were introduced. Starting with New Mystery and really opening up in Awakening, reclassifying units into completely different class lines has become a staple of the series. Since characters are no longer stuck in their base class, growth rates have become more manipulable. In Fire Emblem: Engage, many units seem to be tailor-made for adventurous players to realize their potential in other classes. Clanne joining your team in Chapter 2 at Level 1 along with his sister is a perfect example.

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If you wish Clanne to fulfill his dreams of staying beside the Divine Dragon, he would need special attention to reach his potential. Without the right strategies it will end up frustrating the player, but with proper care, the Divine Dragon fan club will spread far and wide! Oh, and defeat Somprun…

Growth rates

At first glance, most players will notice something wrong with Clanne’s stats. He joins your army as a mage, but has one of the most pathetically low magic buffs in the game. Conversely, Clanne’s power is well above average, especially for a unit with great speed growth. His dexterity, defense and resistance are also very good, which makes him look like a strong physical unit.

Unfortunately, he also had the title of the lowest HP growth, although since he started at level 1, he would have plenty of opportunities to make up for this deficiency. With luck, Clanne should transform into a striker focused on strength and speed, backed up by defense and resistance. Ideally, he wouldn’t be too hindered by his low health and build, but he might need some stats to get the best out of it.

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Max HP



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The best seasons

Alear changed from Dragon Child to Divine Dragon class

Although Clanne has many options for starting his journey from Mage to physical attacker, Lance Fighter is a solid option because he will likely end up with spears. Spears are lighter than axes, and the range option can be accessed much earlier in Javelins. If you want to focus more on speed while giving up some defense, Sword Fighter is also a great option. Climbing into the late game, Clanne will favor any Halberdier, Swordmaster, Warrior, or even Wyvern Knight. Each option has its benefits, so you should mainly choose based on your intended team build, as well as Clanne’s luck with building growth.

The best weapons

FE Engage Inventory tab

Since the Clanne has so many class options, it’s hard to recommend specific weapons outside of the usual contenders. Javelins and Hand Axes are always great, and his high skill level makes deadly weapons a tempting choice. Duplicate versions of these weapons can allow for high damage, consistent multipliers, and the ability to either block repeat combos or counterattack opponents. When choosing weapons, keep in mind that you’ll likely need a low-build Clanne account, though as HP it will have plenty of opportunities to grab these POIs.

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Best logo rings

Alear from Fire Emblem: Engage in equipping the Marth Emblem Ring

Like any versatile physical attacker with a low build, Clanne will want to consider dealing with Leif because he offers incredible utility and stats, in addition to his large weapon collection. High speed, dexterity, and favoritism can also produce risky, though powerful, effects. If Clanne is unlucky with HP levels, Ike can help mitigate the damage taken when facing multiple enemies, and Roy can perform miracles with the Hold Out skill.

Installed builds should take into account Sigurd thanks to his amazing movement and positioning skills, as well as additional damage thanks to Momentum. Finally, Lyn is the ultimate partner for speed-focused attackers, providing counter-attack defense with Alacrity, greater speed with Speedtaker, and both range and setup with her Call Doubles and Astra Storm skills.

best skills

FE Engage Marth Engage skill

When choosing which skills to inherit, the Clanne must prioritize the consistent duo and protect itself from counterattacks. In addition to Lyn’s skills, he should consider Canter for mobility, Build +3 for better weapon variety, and for particularly weak builds, keep survivability.




SP cost


If a unit starts combat with a Spd of 9 or more, the unit’s follow-up occurs (if applicable) before the enemy can counterattack.

Lean Bond Level 5



Spd + 2 grants Stacking each time you start a combat unit and defeat an enemy. The bonus continues for the rest of the battle. (max +10)

Lean Bond Level 5


to bear

If a unit has 30% HP or more at the start of combat, the unit always survives the fight with at least 1 HP.

Roy Bond Level 5



The unit can move two spaces after acting.

Sigurd Bond level 5


Build +3

Al Manah Building + 3.

Level Bond Level 5


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