Houston man arrested for street racing, Randy Seals, invites police to a one-night-only event to bond over cars

Cleveland, Texas (KTRK) – This past weekend, Randy Seals and some friends decided to go street racing. This was after the Houston police announced that they had cracked down on illegal activity.

“Everything was fine until I got out of the truck, and the handcuffs were waiting for me,” Sales said.

When Seals was arrested for street racing, the Houston Police Federation released photos of him in handcuffs taunting the driver.

“Something like that, you just have to roll with it,” Seals said.

Seal spent 22 hours in a Houston prison. When he was released, he replaced the bars of his cell with turn bars, and offered to the Houston police, If Seals were to get a car, would they take it to the track?

“What a great opportunity we thought,” HPD Sgt. said Christian Dorton.

Dorton and Seals embrace the situation by decorating the car with custom bacon racing stripes, donuts, and Dorton’s personal handcuffs he’s used to arrest criminals for the past ten years.

“The police are just like everyone else, just as the people in legal motorsport do all the big race tracks. They’re normal people just like everyone else,” Dorton said.

When Seals made an offer to the police to come to 105 Speedway in Cleveland, the police saw it as a way to start a dialogue.

“Other than playing the PlayStation when I was a kid, and I think I went to the Malibu Grand Prix once as a kid, I have no racing experience. But I can tell a lot of people at Houston Gardens, Trinity Gardens and Fifth Ward who led us in police pursuits,” Dorton said. Over the past 15 years I have had some experience on city streets.”

His crime days are behind him, Seals said, and while this weekend was a positive one, he’ll happily leave it in the review mirror.

“I think it’s the beginning of a good relationship,” Seals said.


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