Midnight Sun: All Pharmaceutical Ship Locations

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has plenty of hidden collectibles and secret lore for you to discover, and they’re all found everywhere within the Abbey Grounds. These items share glimpses of the place’s dark history, and nothing does so more clearly than the apothecary ships found scattered within Whispering Woods.

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These vials contain the essence of innocent women hunted down by the townspeople of Salem, under the madness of its former priest. Hiram Shaw. If you want to complete the entire game, aside from the hours spent recruiting superheroes across the main story, here’s how to find everything 6 pharmaceutical vessels At midnight Sun.

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To get them all, each power word must be mastered first.

Glowing pharmaceutical ship

Illuminated pharmaceutical vessel website

requirements: word of force, “opening”

Starting from the yardHe goes Towards Agatha’s altar (It is also called the Altar of the Elements). If your path is closed behind a walled entrance, Use the power word, “open.”, to open it permanently. Once at the altar, Take the first right turnand immediately Climb the small steps there. The luminous apothecary vessel can be collected between two broken pillars.

Sealed pharmaceutical vessel

Image of the sealed pharmaceutical vessel

Sealed pharmaceutical vessel location

requirements: word of force, “opening”

Visit Agatha’s altar once again. Once in the area, go Straight towards the wall, passing through a corridor. get to the next area, forest whispererHe is Behind another magic wall If you haven’t destroyed it yet. Use the power word, “open.”and then Go down the slope. Once you reach a Forked road to the right, go up the grass on your left instead. The sealed apothecary vessel was found atop a broken shaft.

Broken pharmaceutical vessel

Picture of a broken pharmacy vessel

The location of the broken pharmaceutical vessel

requirements: power word, “break”

From the altar of AgathaAnd Climb down the slope towards Whispering Woods once again. Takes First right turn next, and you will see the Fairy Ring lit up with a blazing blue flame. transcend it and Proceed towards the cracked wall at the endyou divide it using the word power, “break”. Once this is done, you will see the broken apothecary ship On the ground, in front of a small base.

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A mysterious trawler

Murky Pharmaceutical Ship's photo

Murky Pharmaceutical Ship website

requirements: power word, “break”

Enter Whispering Woods from Agatha’s altar, Follow the main path until you come across a cracked magic wall. If you haven’t destroyed it yet, Use the word of Power, “Break” to tear it apartallowing permanent access to deeper parts of the Whispering Woods. Continue along the main road, and you will eventually come to the endreferred to by A base with two smaller ones on the sides. The Murky Apothecary ship is found on one of them.

Empty pharmaceutical vessel

Image of an empty pharmaceutical vessel

Empty pharmaceutical vessel location

requirements: word power, “reveal”

from Whispering Woods entranceAnd Follow the main road and bypass the broken wall which you destroyed with Word of Power, “Break”, ex. Upon arrival Intersection in front of a fairy Ringing, go right towards the broken bridge. Use the power word, “reveal” to fix itallowing unlimited access to the deepest sections of Whispering Woods. Cross the bridge and follow the main road Last last episode of the fairy. Once you see Broken corridor to your right, turn into itand you will find the empty apothecary vessel seated securely on its base.

Airborne pharmaceutical ship

Image of the hollowed-out pharmaceutical vessel

Location of the hollowed-out pharmaceutical vessel

requirements: the word strength, “purify”

inside The deepest area is Whispering WoodsStarts from The third fairy Loop located after Broken Bridge (Fixed with the power word, “reveal”). Follow the main pathYou will find a file Dead end due to damaged overgrowth. Use the word power, “purify” to dispel themand eventually continued on to find the apothecary ship scaly atop its base.

Achievement rewards

After obtaining all the Pharmacy Ships, you are guaranteed the following rewards:

  • 60x arcane knowledge (10 per pharmaceutical vessel)
  • 1x mystery key
  • 200x gloss

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