Midnight Sun: Morbius’ best building

Morbius is the third DLC for Midnight Suns, after Deadpool and Venom. With a growing roster of over a dozen characters including Spider-Man and the Scarlet Witch, Morbius has arrived with its own expansion mission called “The Hunger” that sees the living vampire battle it out against hordes of a new kind of Vampyre foe.

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Dr. Michael Morbius is the first vampire-like ally in the game. His collection revolves around his hunger for human blood, the Bleed mechanic, and the thrill of bloodshed on the battlefield. Far from being another new character, Morbius brings fresh new mechanics, a cool vampire aesthetic to The Abbey, and an extension of the ongoing DLC ​​story that the Midnight Suns are working on crafting.

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Better build Morbius


a description

He writes



If the target bleeds, +[100% Offense] Damage.



Savage criticism

finished Strick.




Get 1 counter and 1 resistance.



mist form

The earning is hidden. Morbius Attack’s next deal +[50% Offense] Damage. exhaust.




blood gain and [25% Health] roadblock. free.




1 application is poor and 1 significant.



Feeding Frenzy

Consume all Bleed on target to instantly deal remaining Bleed damage.



Undying anger

Damage the enemy with bleeding. exhaust.



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How does this build work?

Morbius Midnight

Highlighting Morbius’ vampire strength, invisibility, and hunger for blood, players will want to turn a living vampire into a straightforward nightmare for enemies. With a combo that looks like an upgraded version of Blade’s abilities, Morbius thrives on dealing damage and bleedin’ his opponents more. Ideally, anytime Morbius is on the battlefield, players should aim to activate Bloodlust by filling up a passive “Hunger” or an upgraded “A Greater Hunger”. Morbius builds his Hunger Bar using the abilities, similar to Captain Marvel’s Binary, so using his own Early cards like Savage Swipe and Claw And Trapped good idea.

Once Morbius can activate bloodshed, Can become a great damage dealer on the battlefield, and a combination of mist form with Trapped And echo I mean, Morbius can use some very tricky moves to stay alive and take down enemies. Use Undying rage with bloodshed will completely wipe out most enemiesEven the little bosses. To this end, Morbius’ main weakness is that he can be easily picked off if enemies focus on him, and he has no self-sustaining abilities.

best team

Marvel's Midnight Sun Morbius, Hunter, and Blade

In Midnight Suns, Morbius the Living Vampire is one of the biggest damage dealers in the game and should always be paired with at least one tank or support. It takes a while for Morbius to get his damage done, and because of that He doesn’t get along with characters like Iron Man and Captain Marvel Because it also takes time to increase the possibility of damage. All tanks and other supports, such as Wolverine, Captain America, Nico, Hunter and Doctor Strangeevery duo should aim nicely with Morbius and standard strike teams with him in general for the classic tank support damage setup.

Also, although it may seem counterintuitive, code He works in a nice combo with Morbius as they can turn on each other’s Bleed with one app and the other tapping into an enemy’s bleed. As long as Morbius can hold out for the first few rounds of combat, he can turn into a huge asset in battle and can deal insane damage, when the context is right.

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