The Regenerator remains the quintessential terror in the Resident Evil 4 remake

It says something no one has been able to really pull off in Resident Evil 4’s Regenerator. Of all the countless horrors in Resident Evil alone, there are few that almost every player feels like a pale-faced monster attacking players out of nowhere. Whether you’re an action-adventure hero or the most resourceful and resourceful survivor, everyone faces the wrath of a creature.

Regenerators, by their name, really make you wary because they can leave you wasting tons of ammo. Regenerators are kept alive by parasites that can only be seen with a biothermal scope, or if you’re very lucky, they might be exposed by a flesh-shredding gun blast. He’s very inclined to focus on the strategic objective – little surprise in Dead Space he’s spun Regenerator as a recurring boss fight of his own.

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Except that’s just the thing… the Resident Evil version no boss fight. There are many of them, and they are glad to meet you. Its durability is only one slice of the creep factor, as Regenerator is at once eye-catching but understated. The first thing any player hears is his or her breath. Sick, hungry breaths haunt you as the only warning bell. Then you see their slender, piercing bodies, with rows of sharp, fang-like teeth in an unbreakable grin. However, nothing is worse than breathing. This endless inhuman breathing…

Renovators maybe look in human form, but then they start to warp and stretch like living goo. It is as if you are fighting a zombie slime figure, their bodies able to whip around you and harass you. It’s one of the few times that horror enemies’ attack patterns resemble Drunken Master’s martial arts style, using tactful incidents to their advantage. Even if you do everything right and put them on the ground, injured in several places, they can tip the odds in their favor in the blink of an eye.

And I am happy to report that Resident Evil 4 remake I managed to make it even more annoying. The sound design has been bumped up to 11. The dim lighting in the labs lets you watch their glowing eyes glow in the dark. By far, the best section is when you need to select and kill a specific Regenerator to progress through the puzzle. Not only is it ensuring players learn the value of their new range, but it’s a nerve-wracking part of the long-term surgery.

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For example, if you don’t have an assault rifle like me, that means the only guaranteed way to kill Parasites is with a long-range sniper rifle…at close quarters. This was certainly more of a challenge given the Remake’s weak console, but I adapted. It was still more difficult because of the Regenerator’s chaotic attacks, he had accidentally crushed all the other Regenerators in the room. Four restorers at once? This will get your heart pumping, that’s for sure!

However, nothing is worse than breathing. This endless inhuman breathing…

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to fight off any of the remake’s regenerators without using a scope, but given the ammo drops scattered and the sheer punishment creatures receive, do you really want to make that a gamble? However, this is also what made me so sad when the oath came to an end. Fighting the Regenerators in Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the few times it actually feels like the original Resident Evil 4 in the best way possible. It’s the perfect blend of action And horror. I would have really liked more of the game to retain that fun tension – that fine line between anxiety-provoking and excitement.

Resident Evil 4 Regenerator Regenerator Wrench Puzzle Thermal scope

It’s particularly poignant that, right before Regenerator appears, the gameplay practically transforms into a straightforward military shooter for several minutes, pitting you against an infected gunslinger across environments straight out of Metal Gear, complete with watchtower lights, spur-of-the-neck-stabbing enemies, and all. I get that Umbrella’s laboratories and military defenses were part of the original game, but the differences are striking in pace and tone – that is, until you get to the Regenerators.

I don’t think I’d be sad to see one of the series’ most formidable enemies recede into the shadows, but they add so much to the experience. If nothing else, the credit goes to everyone who worked on Regenerators in the remake. They’ve done a great job, showing at least someone at Capcom remembers why Resident Evil 4 worked in the first place.

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