How to complete a blue medals order 3

Resident Evil 4 Remake contains several side quests for Leon to complete while exploring. These orders reward you with a special currency known as spinel which can be traded with the merchant for rewards. Completing these orders is usually simple, and the rewards are very worthwhile.

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After you reach the castle, you will meet some unfortunate hosts and catapults. After clearing the catapult section, you will be able to explore the castle without all the distractions and pick up the Destroy Order for more Blue Medals in the area. This order contains six blue medals to find and destroy.

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Medals 1 and 2

After accepting the request, go back to Round tower where the cannon is now locatedMost of the medals were found there. Turn to face the rest of the castle Look along the left side to discover two blue medallions. One is a little further and may require you to step forward to get the shot. If necessary, move towards the 5th medallion location to get a closer shot.

3 medal

Leon and Ashley find a blue medal

The next medallion is found on the same round tower, located along the rear end. Walk around the cannonand in A small structure lines the wall will be next A blue medal hangs from the window Just above eye level of Leon.

Medal 4

Leon sees a blue medallion in the trees

from where you were just, Return towards the castleAnd Look on the left side of the fence And down the woods. Inside the trees, you will twice see the next medallion And it requires a well placed shot in order to get it. If necessary, you can move further down the path to the left to get a slightly more accurate line of sight. Either way, this medallion will require a long shot, with a laser sight for your pistol really coming in handy.

Medal 5

Leon finds and stands near a medallion

This next and last medal can be found in both arrangements for the sake of simplicity, as they are both very close to the tower with the cannon. From the tower with the cannon Walk back towards the castle and enter the small room with three doors Straight ahead. take the left side door, Follow the path to the right, and pass a few squares. The other blue medal will be hanging along the wall and will be an easy shot.

Medal 6

Leon finds a blue medallion and aims his gun

Go back to the tower with the cannon, Go down to the area where you initially found the counterweight to raise the cannon. Consider the mechanism that raised the cannon It will be the final blue medal. You may need to walk around the room to find the perfect angle, as the different parts of the contraption will be in your way at certain angles.

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