The best Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 cases

The ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 may be a rugged laptop, but you’ll still want to protect it with a case to avoid scratching, bumping, or damaging it

Lenovo’s best ThinkPads are military-tested. Compared to some of the other best business laptops, this helps make them extremely durable and ensures that a new device like the ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 won’t get damaged if you drop it. One thing, though, that will give you some extra protection is the ThinkPad case.

Although there aren’t many special cases for the ThinkPad T14 Gen 4, there are a few sleeves and bags that you might want to consider if you frequently travel with your ThinkPad.

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These cases and sleeves have padded corners, optional shoulder straps, and even additional pockets for documents and accessories, ensuring your ThinkPad is protected from the elements.

We’ve rounded up eight of the best ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 cases here. Keep in mind that the ThinkPad T14 is a 13-inch laptop, and the dimensions come in at 12.51 x 8.93 x 0.70 inches. This means that any standard 13-inch laptop bag should fit just right in it. For a little extra wiggle room, you might want to consider a 14″ can as well, but 13″ is the way to go. You can select the appropriate size for your laptop by clicking the appropriate size in the Amazon listing.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad 14 inch case

    Editor’s Pick

    This is the official case for the ThinkPad T14 Gen 4. This basic, padded case comes with ThinkPad branding and features padded corners and a padded handle, making it easy to hold in your hands.

  • Case_7__1_-removebg preview

    Tomtoc 360 degree protective sleeve

    Excellent choice

    While it’s a bit pricey at $22, this sleeve offers some extra protection and even a front zip pocket for your accessories and documents. The cover has reinforced corners and has a quilting system.

  • all_inside_l laptop_sleeve__1_-removebg - preview

    Allinside laptop sleeve

    The best value

    This case from Allinside is one of the thinnest you can find for the ThinkPad P14. Instead of fabric, this sleeve is made of faux leather which gives it a more luxurious look. It also has a magnetic flap that makes it look like an envelope.

  • km 2 (1)

    Finpac solid sleeve

    Best tough case

    Protect your laptop in a casing

    Finpac hard sleeves do what the name suggests. The sleeve provides rugged protection for your laptop with an ultra-durable outer shell. If something should happen to your ThinkPad while it’s in a bag or while traveling, these sleeves will ensure your device doesn’t get damaged.

  • Case_5_alt__1_-removebg preview

    Lacdoo 360 protective laptop bag

    Sleeves in multiple colors

    This is a simpler Lacdo case available in several colours. It has a pocket on the front for accessories, but also has a nice carrying handle. It’s a great case if you plan to hold your laptop in your hands.

  • Case_5__1_-removebg preview

    Tangbolibo laptop sleeve

    Better with a shoulder strap

    to bear your shoulders

    Tangbolibo laptop bag is designed for your shoulders. Not only does this case offer 360-degree protection, padded corners, and impact resistance, but it also has a shoulder strap. Plus, there’s a large zippered pocket on the front that can fit another tablet, and even several phones.

  • Kinmac__1_-removebg-preview (1)

    Kinemac 360 Degree Waterproof Protective Laptop Sleeve

    The most elegant case

    While this Kinmac case provides standard protection, it also comes in several different printed color patterns. This means that you can buy if you want to express your personality while carrying your laptop.

  • km 6

    HP Commuter Backpack

    The best backpack

    This is not a real case it is a backpack. But with this backpack, you can slide your ThinkPad securely in its own compartment as well as other items like laptops, jackets, and accessories. There is even a compartment on the side for water bottles. It’s great for commuters.

An overview of the best ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 cases

Considering all these options, there is no doubt that the best case for the ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 is the 14-inch ThinkPad case from Lenovo. It’s the official case and features the ThinkPad logo, a carrying handle, and a stylish front pocket for your favorite documents and accessories. But if that’s not to your taste, don’t worry.

There’s also the Tomtoc 360 Protection Cover that has reinforced corners and more cushioning for added protection. There’s also a sleeker, cheaper shell, the Allinside Laptop Briefcase that looks like leather but is slimmer and even has an envelope-like cover. Our other picks are great too, especially the Finpac Hard Sleeve, which has a tough outer shell to protect your laptop from harsh bumps. Then there are traditional backpacks like the HP Commuter Backpack and even a shoulder bag like the Tangbolibo Laptop Bag. Whatever your needs, we hope you find the ThinkPad to suit you.

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