The succession reveals a major rift between two fan-favorite characters

Succession Season 4 SPOILERS follows! HBO premiered the fourth season Succession Tonight he wasted no time dropping major revelations. While the episode begins with an obvious jump in time from the Season 3 finale, things seem to have settled down Little for Royce. Jeremy Strong Kendall, Chef Sarah Snook, and Kieran Culkin Roman have all banded together (notably in Los Angeles rather than in their hometown of New York) to make a business of their own, with the impending sale of Waystar to GoJo looming over it all. Another thing hanging over the series is the fallout from the end of Season 3 and the breakdown of Shiv and Tom’s marriage.

A corporate merger and Roy’s baby ambitions begin to collide when they cross paths with their father in a surprising way, and that’s not the great divide above. While discovering financing plans for their new company, a digital media publication aiming to disrupt the industry, a new opportunity, Pierce Global Media, arises. The rival media company that Logan has been pursuing for some time appears to be up for sale again and the kids decide that maybe they can play with it and have their own company out of Logan. Unbeknownst to Roy’s children, Logan himself is also putting on a play for Pierce.

Amidst it all, Shiv receives a phone call from Tom (Matthew Macfadyen). Although it’s clearly been a few months since the season 3 finale and final betrayal involving Tom, it’s clear that things are still bad for the pair. Despite their previous semi-open marriage agreement, Shiv resented Tom calling her out to talk about falling out in public with Naomi Pierce. This not only tells them that something is going on with Pierce as a company, but it tells us that things are about as bad as they can be between Chief and Tom.

The episode ends with Shiv back in New York, back in her apartment, which she and Tom share. When the two talk face to face, it becomes clear that the resentment Shiv feels about that last moment in Season 3 is too much; But it’s also pretty sure that while they were apart, they had some freedom to do what they liked while eventually planning to get together for the “big talk.” The big talk comes faster than they might think though when Chief says they’ve “run out of the way”.

Despite Tom’s protests, Shiv thinks they should walk away “with their heads held high, saying ‘good luck,’ yeah?” Tom and Chief are still lying in bed together, even holding hands as the scene comes to a close. “We tried it,” he tells her, and the scene comes to a close. Roy Wambsgan’s marriage is over and divorce is on the horizon.

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