Alex Mordeau has been moved to an 8×10 cell in the protective custody unit, a South Carolina prison official said

Alex Mordeau has been transferred to the statewide protective custody unit at a maximum security prison in South Carolina, a spokesperson for the state Department of Corrections confirmed to CBS News Saturday.

Murdo54, was He was sentenced to life imprisonment About the murders of his wife, Maggie Murdow, in 2021, and his son, Paul Murdow. Murdau denied any involvement in the murders as he was sentenced during a trial that stirred the nation.

His new home — which he moved into Friday — consists of an 8-by-10-foot cell with a bed, toilet and sink, said Kristi Shine, a Department of Corrections spokesperson.

There are 28 other inmates in his unit, Shine said, who include “ex-law enforcement” or “corrections officers,” people who need an “extra layer of security.”

Murdo’s unit is separate from the general population, which is an essential security measure to protect him from the other prisoners.

Notorious inmates can be at risk if they mix with the general public. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death by an associate in 1994, while gangster James “Whitey” Bulger He was beaten to death by his fellow prisoners in 2022.

Although prisoners taken into protective custody are immune from the general population, they can still be killed. John Geoghan, the paedophile, who molested hundreds of minors as a Roman Catholic priest, Killed by another inmate in 2003 while in protective custody.

The Department of Corrections said the prison site where Murdo is serving his sentence will not be released for safety reasons.

The Department of Corrections said he was placed in protective custody after the state’s four-member review board met Thursday. The board, which includes experts in security, mental health and ratings, reviews the inmate rating annually, Shine said.

Mordo will remain in the protective guard unit for a year. Shine said officials will then assess whether to transfer him to the general population, or keep him in a protective custody unit.

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